Monday, April 7, 2014

Politifact Gives Scott Walker A Break!

By Jeff Simpson

Recently Scott Walker made an outrageous claim.

 During a radio interview on April 1, 2014, Gov. Scott Walker claimed that a poll taken "a few months ago" showed "70 percent approval or higher" for Act 10, the collective bargaining reform law that spurred massive protests in Madison and an attempt to remove him from office.

After all of their "research", this was their conclusion:

Walker said a poll "taken a few months ago" found "70 percent approval or higher" for his Act 10 collective bargaining law.
No known poll has asked Wisconsinites about Act 10 in the months leading up to Walker's statement on April 1, 2014, and his staff did not cite one. One poll question from May 2012 found 75 percent support for one part of the law, but what the level of support for Act 10’s various provisions might have been a few months ago is strictly speculation.
 So Scott Walker makes up a poll AND the results of the made up poll to make his signature bill look as if it is popular.  Politifact finds out that this statement came right from the depths of Scott Walkers imagination and their rating -  

 We rate Walker's statement False.

Mary Burke makes a statement about Scott Walker's jobs failure and they rate it "pants on fire".  

What could be more "pants on fire" than making up your own poll and results?

We at CogDis rate this statement and Politifacts handling of it

Liar Liar, Pants on Fire! 



  1. Politifact always gives Walker the benefit of the doubt, imho.

  2. PolitiFact always gives Walker the benefit, no doubt, imho.

  3. Agree Anon- They avoid giving Walker the "POF" any way they can. In this case, this guy pulled the numbers completely out of his ass, couldn't back up any documentation for his claim, and the claim was found to be untrue. How is that not the DEFINITION of "pants on fire."

    As I've said before, who is watching the watchers at Politi-crap, and why are they given a voice of authority? Yet another reason we need a "balance in media" rally and movement.

  4. The citizens of Wisconsin need to pull their heads out of their you know whats and realize that Politifact is absolutely partisan and will give Walker a break every time. In the mean time Burke will be given a bad rating no matter what. Case in point is the statement about being in the top 10 for people moving out. You read their reasoning and one would think she was dead on, yet not in the JS/Politifact Walker worshipping media. I will no longer read their trash. It is bad enough having to watch the lies by the Walker supporters on TV.

  5. Walker gets away with lies and bullshit because the old school robust investigative reporting in mainstream journalism is dead at the state level. Not so much at the national level. Awh shucks bullshit and ad lib messages get crucified at the national level. Walkers ass is grass because he is a lightweight without substance and means. If he thinks Act 10 gets him elected president, he is delusional. Oh, I forgot, he is a lying delusional POS.