Monday, April 28, 2014

Stamper Goes Negative And Crosses The Line

Yesterday, I wrote an endorsement for Eyon Biddle in the race for the 15th Aldermanic seat in Milwaukee.

That feeling has only grown more solid in the past 24 hours.

Unbeknownst to me at the time I wrote the endorsement, voters in the district were receiving this offensive and ridiculously false mailer from the Russell Stamper campaign:

This piece of offal is reminiscent of the miserable stunt pulled at the end of last month by Cedric Cornwall in the final days of his campaign.

On the mailer, Stamper claims to be honest and have integrity, but this was proven to be a false statement in the lines above.

As I noted in my endorsement, Biddle has produced and gotten passed many resolutions, one of the greatest of which was a real jobs program that has already benefited hundreds of people in his district.  Compare that to Stamper's suggestion - not a resolution but rather a campaign gimmick - to give good paying jobs and give them to inmates at the House of Correction who would be working for pennies to the dollar.

Not only is Stamper a liar, but he is also a cheap shot artist, as he demonstrated with the homeownership line.  Now, I'm not going to pretend to know whether Biddle rents or owns his home, but I will ask, "What difference does that make?"  Not only is it a cheap shot at Biddle, but Stamper slaps at every person in that district who rents their homes, which I would imagine is the majority of the district.

What is not included on Stamper's mailer is the fact that he is only seeking the aldermanic seat because his salary as a county supervisor is about to be cut in half.  That is very different from Biddle who original pursued the seat while he was a supervisor because he felt he could be more effective as a city alderman and much more effective than the former alderman, Willie Hines.

In summary, it is very clear that not only is Biddle the only one that has the qualifications and the motivation to be the new alderman for the 15th district, he's also the only one with the integrity and morals to serve the constituency.


  1. I agree- what difference does it make as to whether a man owns or rents? (At least Biddle doesn't have annual violations for dumping in his alley). Stamper bought his 200k house in 2007 at the height of the bubble. Maybe Biddle is still paying his student loans from Marquette? Not everyone has a daddy with such deep pockets as the judge.... just sayin'. that home ownership jab rubbed me wrong. It's like saying a man without money can not have a voice.