Friday, April 18, 2014

Glen Grothman's Super PAC

Judith Rhodes Engels is not the only fallout victim from the Ellis Incident.

State Senator Glenn Grothman got caught on the same video as Ellis, making the same boasts that got Ellis in so much trouble:
It was a night Sen. Mike Ellis would rather forget, and one Sen. Glenn Grothman says he already has.

Grothman was there the night Ellis was secretly recorded discussing an illegal campaign finance scheme. Ellis said he immediately scrapped the idea after learning it was illegal, but remains in hot water as he faces re-election this fall.

Grothman, a West Bend Republican who is now running for Congress, can be heard on the recording seven minutes before Ellis, R-Neenah, tells an unknown person, "I am putting together my own Super PAC."

"Mike, is this guy next to you with you?" asks someone, presumably one of the people secretly audio recording Ellis.

"That’s Senator Grothman," Ellis replies.


"Glenn Grothman," Ellis says.

"I’m his chief of staff, he just calls me senator," Grothman jests in his deadpan baritone.

"I’m eating his french fries because he wants his bill out of my committee," Ellis says.

In an interview, Grothman acknowledged he is the one on the recording, but said he doesn't remember the night in question or hearing about the Super PAC idea. He said it's possible he was only there briefly.

"I've been at that bar so many times, I have no specific recollection," Grothman said, referring to the Inn on the Park in Downtown Madison, where the audio was recorded.
I'm sure that will make a great theme for Grothman's congressional campaign - "Is he corrupt or merely drunk?"

It should be noted that, again just like Ellis, Grothman made the Super PAC comment very matter of factly, like collusion with third party groups is the norm for them.

If the gentle reader is wondering why Grothman appears to be getting a free pass on making a claim of having a Super PAC where Ellis was crucified, you have to remember two things:  Grothman knows how to follow orders and he did not out Judith Rhodes Engels, one of the top GOP operatives.


  1. Does Grothman need to recollect anything when it's caught on video?

  2. Putting Grothman's taped comments will make a hell of an attack ad(s). With Petri and Ellis out, Grothman should be a prime target.

    The blue blogsphere needs to keep writing and talking about this so that the corporate media can't completely bury this thing. Push the tide to the surface.

  3. Someone should do an open records request for the Capitol Police video of Grothman drunk off his ass in the capitol at night. He was in the rotunda screaming his head off.

  4. Here's some youtube:

    Law and Disorder Republican Governors Unit

    Featuring Wisconsin's own Scott John Doe Walker!