Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Wisconsin Reporter Is On The Case!

By Jeff Simpson

Ace Reporter Ryan Ekvall, took time off from harassing grade school art teachers, to blow a huge story wide open!  

His(Luther Olsen's) office leaked a draft version of a bill calling for an academic standards board to the Department of Public Instruction nearly a week before the final version was introduced in the Senate, Wisconsin Reporter has learned through an open records request. 
Then, in showing how far the republican party has sunk in Wisconsin, a simple staffer is one record as threatening elected Senator Olsen:

 “It was very clear that before the hearing on SB 619 there was a tremendous amount of work between Olsen and DPI,” Mikalsen said. “They were updating the DPI (on) what was going on behind the scenes to give them a heads up to mobilize against us. Everybody and his brother eventually realized the moment you told Luther’s office anything, it was going to straight to DPI.

This could be the biggest possible story ever written in Wisconsin's long history!

An elected Senator collaborated with the elected head of the Department of Public Instruction and his staff on an important issue to public education.  

Now thats a bombshell!

The next thing we need to deal with is who will play Ekvall in the movie?  


  1. WisGOP is going to purge every legislator who has even the tiniest bit of independent thinking.

  2. A strategy so very unlike that of GOP darlings ALEC.

  3. Government is best when it operates in secret, right?

  4. The shocker here is that Mikelson WOULDN"T share a draft of an education bill with the DPI. What's he trying to hide?

    1. Exactly. But when you work for the nASShole, I guess ALEC-level secrecy is the rule, not the exception.

      Classic right-wing misdirection play by Koch tool Ekvall