Sunday, May 8, 2016

Gordon Hintz Strikes Out

By Jeff Simpson

Last week the story came out that someone named Jimmy Anderson had decided in our Democratic Republic that he would like to give back to society by running for office.  That is the definition of citizen legislator really is any citizen can run.  

Democracy did not sit very well with Gordon Hintz, who threw a fit worthy of a 9 year old, and blamed a good majority of the Democratic base along the way for daring to challenge an incumbent.

He of course new nothing about Jimmy Anderson but what he read in the paper and still classified him as "far left" and vowed to spend all of his time not trying to win back the Assembly, but knocking doors for Robb Kahl in Monona.  

Hintz, who has a history of going off half cocked and saying something stupid, even volunteered his fellow Democratic Reps in the assembly to do the same.   Of course some of Hintz's colleagues would love to, but they are getting primaried also.   A fact Hintz did not seem to care too much about(as a matter of fact, Hintz's rant was the pushing point that allowed Jacob Wishmeier the incentive to run himself and primary Lisa Subeck).  

While loyalty is a good trait, sometimes it is best to actually get the facts before spouting off in the media.   See the person he was so willing to sacrifice the state to keep in office, is not running for re-election.  

Unfortunately it was funny when Emily Litella has to say it, but not so much when someone who claims to be an elected leader does the same .  Count this up as just another stumble in a myriad of Democratic stumbles over the last 6 years.  

I am still waiting for Hintz's public apology for his unprofessional behavior and blaming half the base for one person wanting to serve his community.  

Maybe next time Gordon Hintz can make headlines maybe trying to protect jobs, or public education instead.


One last note to this story, while Hintz and the Democrats were as usual bumbling the story, our friend Kevin Binversie and Right Wisconsin were typically getting it completely wrong.  

Binversie writes that the "Wisconsin Left" is punishing the "moderate".  It amazes me that someone who spends their whole life in politics would need this explained to them but NO ONE PURGED Robb Kahl.   NO ONE PUNISHED Robb Kahl at all.  Robb Kahl had every right to run for re-election if he so chose.  Jimmy Anderson has every right to run for his seat if he so chooses.   The Primary is not until August.   No one but Robb Kahl and Jimmy Anderson have had a chance to weigh in at all.

People who follow politics, know that an incumbent has a strong chance of being elected and the person who spends the most wins in the 90% of the time.   Kahl had both of those major advantages going for him along with name recognition as being the former Governor of Monona, WI.  I do not think many pundits around the state gave Mr. Anderson much of a chance of being successful at all in "purging" Mr. Kahl.

If the good folks at Right Wisconsin would like to hire me to consult with them about how our Government works, I gladly will.  Even for a discount since I feel its important they understand that if they want to write daily about politics.  

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