Sunday, May 15, 2016

Young Democrats of Wisconsin

By Jeff Simpson 

The Wisconsin Democratic Convention is coming up the first weekend of June.  Within the convention they plan on having a meeting of the Young Democrats of Wisconsin.

The details:
Under 40?
Live in Wisconsin?
Attending the DPW State Convention in Green Bay?
Interested in helping form a Wisconsin chapter of the Young Democrats of America?
Please join us for this information session!
While I am not under 40, nor am I attending the convention, I think this is a very important initiative. However, it is something where we do not to reinvent the wheel.  We were just given a perfect example of how to reach the youth, and make them passionate about politics and getting involved  

Whether it be in California


Or Montana:

Sanders forcibly delivered his message to an audience estimated at more than 8,000 people in Missoula Wednesday. (MTN News photo)

Or Oregon:

Or New York 

Talk to them and not at them...join with them instead of telling them what they have to do.

As Bernie says - Its not me its Us!

Good luck, let's hope that the state party realizes the clues right before their eyes!

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