Thursday, May 5, 2016

Rep. Taylor Responds to Latest GOP Divide and Conquer Tactics

Rep. Taylor Responds to Latest GOP Divide and Conquer Tactics
GOP Returns to attacking UW Faculty & Staff, again

MADISON - In light of new attacks on UW faculty and staff from various state legislators, responsible for cutting GPR to the UW system over the last five years by almost $600 million, Rep. Chris Taylor issued the following statement:

“Republican legislators who again criticize UW faculty and staff are responsible for creating a mess of our world renown UW system, including gutting shared governance, damaging tenure protections that are more necessary than ever to protect academic freedom from political assault, and passing the largest cut to any public university system in the country.

“Instead of investing in the future of our state and our students, who we are already losing to more desirable out-of-state job opportunities, they chose billions in tax breaks for their wealthy friends and big corporations who already don’t pay their fair share like the rest of us.  Meanwhile, our kids are saddled with more debt, less programming, larger classes and less opportunities. 

“Governor Walker and legislative Republicans know what they did was wrong and they are deflecting blame by issuing more insults and threats - intentionally pitting allies of our UW System against each other.  Do not let their games fool you.  They are once again dividing and conquering which is the only way they know how to govern.”

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