Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The Clinton Family Cabinet

By Jeff Simpson 

I was going to write about how Hillary Clinton would be a terrible President for the environment.   As Naomi Klein puts it:

Books have been filled with the failures of Clinton-style philanthrocapitalism. When it comes to climate change, we have all the evidence we need to know that this model is a disaster on a planetary scale. This is the logic that gave the world fraud-infested carbon markets and dodgy carbon offsets instead of tough regulation of polluters – because, we were told, emission reductions needed to be “win-win” and “market-friendly.”
If the next president wastes any more time with these schemes, the climate clock will run out, plain and simple. If we’re to have any hope of avoiding catastrophe, action needs to be unprecedented in its speed and scope. If designed properly, the transition to a post-carbon economy can deliver a great many “wins”: not just a safer future, but huge numbers of well-paying jobs; improved and affordable public transit; more liveable cities; as well as racial and environmental justice for the communities on the frontlines of dirty extraction.

Then Hillary had this to say:

If she's elected president, Hillary Clinton says she'll appoint her husband, Bill, to oversee the economy.
During a speech in Kentucky Sunday she referred to "my husband, who I will put in charge of revitalizing the economy 'cause he knows what he's doing."
Yowza.  I guess that is better than putting him in charge of our trade policy!   However it got me to thinking, since the Clintons are very well known for cronyism, who else in her family can she put in charge of our Government.  

The first one is Chelsea, although working for the non profit Clinton Foundation nets her over $600/k year.  Luckily for all of us, she really does not care about money!  

Philanthropy is her true passion, Clinton said, and that's why she permanently left Wall Street to join the Clinton Foundation, which she runs with her parents, former first couple Bill and Hillary Clinton.'I was curious if I could care about [money] on some fundamental level, and I couldn’t,' Clinton toldThe Telegraph. 'That wasn’t the metric of success I wanted in my life.

Because Chelsea is such a true philanthropist, I would say she could run the Department of Education, since she came to Madison to make fun of Bernie Sanders plan to give people free college education. Of course to do that she would need to give up her $11 million dollar apartment, $600,000/yr job and be thankful that she already paid for her $3 million dollar wedding prior to "serving" the public.

I also believe that the first son-in-law would do well as Secretary of the Treasury.  He is a Hedge Fund manager who is so amazing that he was able to actually save 10% of his clients investments!  

Chelsea Clinton’s husband is shutting down a hedge fund he founded after losing 90 percent of investors’ money.
Marc Mezvinsky promoted Eaglevale Hellenic Opportunity as a means to bet on, and profit from, a Greek economic recovery. The fund was a spinoff of Eaglevale Partners, a larger hedge fund founded by Mezvinsky and two colleagues from his days working at Goldman Sachs.
The best thing about Mr. Chelsea is his sticktoitiveness

 The effect on Mezvinsky’s hedge fund has been gruesome. It raised $25 million for its investments, but had already lost about 40 percent of its value by early 2015. Rather than shuttering the fund then, Mezvinsky pressed ahead.
Also there has to be a place for Chelsea's father-in-law, maybe in the Justice Department?  Who knows the criminal justice system better than a criminal?

On a darker note, federal prosecutors said Ed Mezvinsky habitually dropped the Clintons' names and boasted of their friendship during the 1990s as he defrauded friends, family members and institutions out of more than $10 million. 
Ed Mezvinsky was sentenced in 2003 to serve 80 months in federal prison after pleading guilty to a massive fraud that prosecutors said amounted to a Ponzi scheme. He was released from custody in April 2008, but remains under federal probation supervision. 
Both he and his wife were forced into bankruptcy, and they quietly divorced in 2007, court records show. 
It is unfortunate that we have finally had an administration free of real scandal and now we are apparently headed back to the Bush era of cronyism, self interests and unethical behavior.  

As they say - In a democracy, we get the Government we deserve!


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