Thursday, May 5, 2016

Scott Walker - Do As I Say, Not As I Do

By Jeff Simpson

Career politician, Scott Walker, who spent 71 days this summer partying on the taxpayer dime, has now signed into law mandatory drug testing for anyone to receive unemployment benefits in WI.

Not only will people who lose their job thanks to incredible mismanagement by the Walker administration but also because of horrible policies of his biggest supporters like WMC now get an added bonus of humiliation.

On Wisconsin!

A quick recap:

Career politician spent 71 days, while on the state payroll, doing this all over the country:

Has now decided this:

This new rule brings us one step closer to moving Wisconsinites from government dependence to true independence,” Governor Walker said in a statement issued to FOX6 News. 

Is there anyone in Wisconsin more dependent on Government than Scott Walker?

In case you were wonderingm, drug testing for unemployment is costly and ineffective!

Come to think of it, that explains the Walker record in WI!  


  1. Beer in one hand, shoving a sandwich in his face with the other hand, WTF?!?!?!?!?!

    Walker is the "2-fisted slobberer" that the Brewers warned people about on the ol' JumboTron at County Stadium.

  2. I am so sick of his repeated statement: "We frequently hear from employers that they have good paying jobs but they need their workers to be drug free." For God's sake Governor tell your Dept. Of Work Force Development where these good paying jobs are so that they can match the unemployed to these jobs. Governor you cannot expect me to believe that every poor soul who saw their job disappear such as those at Caterpillar are now suddenly drug addicts. This claim of yours that those in need of safety net assistance can be moved from government dependence to independence by taking a drug test is but another one of your falsehoods that you offer to victimize those in need. What these people need is one of those "good" paying jobs that employers keep telling you about but that never seem to come to fruition as you say they cannot find workers who are drug free! Wisconsin must have become the most drug addicted state in the nation under your watch! What we need in this state is not more drug testing....what we need is more of those good paying jobs that you keep telling us about. In fact we need you to name exactly where and in which companies those jobs exist so that the jobless can fill those openings. I find it impossible to believe that everyone applying for these supposed jobs fails a drug test!

  3. They just announced a surplus in the UC fund and were bragging about it. They already tightened requirements to collect and had a law shot down in court that withheld payment if you are fired for making a mistake. The case involved Walgreens. There is no evidence that people are collecting UC while on drugs. What they really want is no UC at all!

    1. I would rather have my full time job than be laid off collecting UC while I look for another job. I wasn't a drug addict at my place of employment - what makes me an addict now that I am required to pee in a cup?!