Thursday, May 12, 2016

The Downfall of Paul Ryan

By Jeff Simpson 

Yesterday we brought you the idea that if Democrats get behind Paul Nehlen, Paul Ryan's challenger in the primary, we can rid ourselves of the scourge that is Paul Ryan(R-Wall St.).

I never thought I would be on the same side as Sarah Palin, but politics makes for strange bedfellows and the stakes have never been higher.
With a worthy, well funded  Republican challenger, followed by the November election, the Trump Phenomenon, the Dennis Hastert Hush money, the loss of thousands of manufacturing jobs in his district, his high profile role as Speaker of the House and his perpetual declining popularity, this is the year to send Paul Ryan to the place he has helped to send so many of his neighbors, the unemployment line.  
I still think it is important to continue calling out Mr. Ryan's failure be it with your friends and family, via Letters to the Editor or calling radio talk shows, etc...    
However there is one more thing that could be the most important thing you do all summer.    In the August 9th Statewide Primary, Vote for Paul Nehlen.  

Today Public Policy Polling(PPP) came out with their latest poll, confirming everything we said.

Ryan Disliked by Republicans; Trump Could Hurt Down Ballot

PPP's new national poll finds that Republican voters have soured on Paul Ryan nationally. Overall only 30% of voters approve of the job Ryan is doing as Speaker of the House, to 48% who disapprove. What's most noteworthy though is that Ryan is under water even among Republicans, with 40% of them approving of the job he's doing to 44% who are unhappy. In November we found that 69% of Republicans supported Ryan becoming Speaker to only 14% were against it, but that honeymoon has worn off very quickly. The idea of Ryan being a white knight who could have unified the GOP and saved it from Trump is a beltway fantasy out of line with how actual Republican voters across the country feel about him at this point.
Ryan is at least still a lot better off than Mitch McConnell who has just an 11% approval rating nationally to 66% of voters who disapprove of him. What's remarkable in McConnell's numbers is how little deviation there is in them across party lines. He's at 14/64 with Republicans, 10/69 with Democrats, and just 6/66 with independents.
There's been a lot of discussion about the impact that Donald Trump's nomination might have on down ballot races. We find Democrats leading the generic Congressional ballot 46/41 right now. Trump's ascendancy is unlikely to cause Republicans to abandon their own party- we find 86% of Democrats planning to vote Democratic and 86% of Republicans planning to vote Republican. But Democrats do have an edge with independent voters at 38/32. We also asked specifically how voters would respond to a Senate candidate in their state supporting Trump. It's a 19 point net negative, with 45% of voters saying they'd be less likely to vote for a Senate hopeful who supported Trump to only 26% who say that would make them more likely to vote for someone. Among independents it's a 23 point net negative.

By NO means do I believe that this will be an easy task.  It will not.   However this is the year where there are definite kinks in the armor of the Golden Boy.   We may never ever get this chance again.   If Ryan makes it through to the general election in November, expect him to flood the market with ads saying how he is committed to bring jobs back to America.  

Ryan likes to run ads every two years that would make Russ Feingold proud.  forgetting the fact that in 17 years he has done the exact opposite, but 8 million dollars allows you to push a lie that enough people believe to send him back to Congress.  
Let us take advantage of this opportunity that is presented to us.   We must keep the pressure up on Paul Ryan from the left, right and center and then on August 9th vote for Paul Nehlen!    

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