Monday, May 30, 2016

Right Wing Blogger Mars Memorial Day With McCarthyism

The school district for West Bend is looking for a new superintendent. The old one is stepping down after having used Act 10 to drive the district into the ground and to terrorize his staff.

Judy Steffes, writing at the West Bend Insider, has an article about whether or not the three finalists to be the new superintendent had signed the petition to recall Scott Walker.

No, seriously.

No word on qualifications.  Just whether or not they signed the recall petition.

Right wing blatherer and plantation economist Owen "Old Lady" Robinson celebrates the news that none of the finalists signed the petition and calls the question an important litmus test for the candidates:
In the comments of the post at the Washington County Insider, former West Bend Mayor Kristine Deiss asks, “What has whether or not they signed the Walker recall got to do with being qualified for the job? I would hope our School Board did not ask this question.”

It’s a valid question, but it is important and I do hope that the School Board asks about it. Act 10 is the single-most important school reform in this millennium (it sure sounds impressive that way, doesn’t it?). We need to know if the incoming superintendent view Act 10 as a detriment to public education or as a tool with which to make the West Bend School District better. Given that the citizens of the district overwhelmingly support Act 10 and turned out in huge numbers to vote for Governor Walker during the recall election, a new superintendent who hates Act 10 will come in immediately out of a step with the community he or she is supposed to serve.

So yes… ask the question. Do the due diligence.
As if this display of McCarthyism wasn't vulgar enough, Robinson does it on Memorial Day weekend.

Memorial Day is the time that the nation stops and joins together in paying tribute to the brave men and women who have given their all to protect the rights and freedoms that we all enjoy today.

Robinson, of all people, being a veteran himself, should know that.

Yet here he is, demanding that a candidate to lead his community's school district have shown their fealty to the present regime.  Apparently, being qualified as an educator and a leader is secondary to needing to know whether or not they are loyal to the petty tyrant, Scott Walker.  Instead of celebrating freedom, Robinson is trying to enforce fascism.

Robinson should write an open letter of apology to the families of our fallen veterans for showing such disrespect to the sacrifices their loved ones had made for us all.  But he won't. That would require an ounce of decency.


  1. That question will be used to define acceptable applicants for government positions from here on out.

  2. The crazies in West Bend owe wisconsin an apology

  3. what a joke, tell owen I signed it and what service was he in?
    walker is still bad whether the recall was signed or not.
    maybe owen should call all the people who signed it and tell them what he thinks.

  4. People signed the recall for many reasons besides the education component - many because of how he rammed through his "tools" that he didn't mention while campaigning - citizens don't like to be blindsided like that. How dare this guy assume the reason someone signed it or didn't sign it - small-minded....

  5. If only they felt so strongly about knowing who donated money to the candidates.

    1. Exactly. It's one-sided fauxtrage, but fitting of a group of people whose motto is "Our rules don't apply to us."

      None date call this mentality fascism....but what else would you call it?

  6. This is an important story that we've already seen a number of times, not including all the times the list is used behind the scenes. Remember, Walker wants voter ID applicants to receive a temp ID while his people "review and approve" who really should get one. Think the Walker recall blacklist will be used??

  7. Next question: Did they vote for that 'Socialist' Bernie in the primary? Or, for that matter, the celebrity hater Donald? None of anyone's business, although I might wonder about the candidate's judgment if he or she openly endorsed The Donald. But as long as they expressed their feelings only in the ballot box, it's private business!

  8. I circulated one of those Recall petitions and the signers offered many, many different explanations for their decision to sign the Recall. You cannot infer a particular policy of the Walker Administration, such as cutting school funding or attacking the teachers right to be represented by a Union as THE reason. Should the West Bend School Board post a statement that reads
    "persons who disagree with the Walker Administration on ANY of it's policies OR who disapprove of any elected Republican, or who believe that people in the State of Wisconsin should have the right to petition for any Recall elections in this State need not apply"? Maybe instead candidates who apply, should first have to take a Republican loyalty oath.

  9. Having your name on that list does make it hard to lie about your views on government and its role in education doesn't it? If it was a respectable positition I would think the candidates would come right out and run on the fact that they signed the recall. But it seems everyone wants to hide their true intentions these days.