Sunday, May 22, 2016

The Kooyenga Kapers

By Jeff Simpson 

This guy who was drunk on the floor of the Capitol while voting on the budget:

Captain slur words, who was done with his job in early March when session was over, also wrote well plagiarized from ALEC, the "Opportunity schools" bill.  This bill allows the Milwaukee County Executive with no education experience to take over schools, and turn them into unaccountable Charters.

Kooyenga's irony knows no bounds, so he decided to join a forum recently with Milwaukee Teachers Union Executive Director Lauren Baker.

Baker said the per-pupil funding formula values MPS students in some cases thousands of dollars less than their suburban counterparts.Kooyenga called it "a little disingenuous" to push for more funding for MPS students unless she also supports equal funding for voucher and charter schools, which receive about two-thirds the amount of public schools."Would you support raising the choice and voucher amount?" he asked Baker.Baker said she would have that conversation "when you tell me that all of those schools will follow the open meetings and open records laws in Wisconsin so I can see how that money is being spent and I know the accountability standards are the same as they are for public schools."

Kooyenga had this to say:

If we had a local media who was out to inform the public of actual news, here are some questions they might ask.  

The problem with our public education system is teachers are not working enough hours?  Does he have any proof of that?  What exactly does he base that on?  Does he make random statements based on nothing as a general rule?  I am also curious as to how teachers working more hours would fix the budget?  Would teachers grading tests or papers quicker stop the Governor from record borrowing? When was the last time Mr. Kooyenga worked from 7 until 6?  How many days in session are they?

Since no one will ask these questions, we have a good idea what the answers are.

Thankfully for the citizens of Wisconsin, someone took a good look at how awful, unprofessional, unprepared and extreme Mr. Kooyenga is and has decided to step up to run against him.

Please support Chris Rockwood for Assembly.   If you live in the district, send him $20 and volunteer to send Chris to Madison.   If you do not live in the district, send him $5 and call your friend who lives in the district and get them on board.   Let's let Dale have more time on his hands to have more three beer lunches!


  1. I despise republicans. Anyone who still takes pride in calling themselves a republican has no morals, empathy or even a smattering of what it takes to be a decent human being. Then, to top it all off, most of them consider themselves to be "good christians". I am an atheist, but I went through lutheran confirmation classes. I even finished them. These people do not meet any of the standards for being "good" anythings, much less "good christians" They are hate filled, bigoted, and resentful.

  2. The answer to improving schools is early intervention, after school programs, low student to teacher numbers, and arts program galore. It works again and again but it takes money and not so much talk.