Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Mike Tate - The Gift That Keeps Taking

By Jeff Simpson 

The WISDEMS are getting ready to hold their annual convention, and this year it is in Green Bay. The problem is they have to clean up Mike Tates mess first.  Seems Mr. Tate., of the $12200+/yr salary, was one that did not like paying his bills! 

When officials from the state Democratic Party show up for their convention in Green Bay in a couple of weeks, they may have to pay in cash.
 That's because they still haven't paid the full bill from their 2009 convention at the same hotel.
 Records filed earlier this month with the Federal Election Commission show the state Democratic Party still owes $5,807.34 to the Radisson Hotel & Conference Center — Green Bay.
 The total bill for the event was just over $15,000, according to federal reports. It appears that the party last made a payment for $7,350 in January 2011 but has coughed up zilch since then.
In a time when the Democratic Party should be pointing out the our Governor is delinquent in paying off his $900,000 bar bill that he owes the taxpayers of Wisconsin, instead they have to answer for more of Tate's failures.  

Mike Tate still has a spot on the administration Committee, even after taking the money and running to anti union Chris Abele.  Tate used Abele's money to smear his old friend Chris Larson to win the County Executives race.   On top of that the smear campaign orchestrated by Tate, was so dirty, it drove down turnout and helped us say welcome Justice Bradley.   

Make sure and thank Mike when you see him!!

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  1. There's that 2-fisted slobberer again! No, not the guy at the bottom, the bald one at the top.