Monday, May 2, 2016

Kevin Binversie Wants You Off His Lawn

By Jeff Simpson

Well not his lawn exactly, those crazy college kids in Madison.  The annual Mifflin Street Block Party has been a tradition in Madison since 1969 and now Binversie, the far right Republican Blogger whose resume includes calling women "Bitches" and wishing for Congressman Mark Pocans death, is now calling for an end to the annual college party.

Binversie, who lives in Sheboygan and attended UW-Eau Claire, has decided he knows whats best for Madison.  Madison is known as a liberal city after all and the right wing elected officials have a long history of trying to control Dane County.

Binversie, using his wingnut welfare position as (insert title here) for the Charlie Sykes loony website Right Wisconsin, complains about college kids having fun.    

Paging Dr. Frankenstein. Your monster is out of control again.
Having never gone to UW-Madison I have no real opinion on the annual riot – I’m sorry, kegger – known as the “Mifflin Street Block Party.” There’s no affinity or hatred for the event; all I have to go on are the stories of friends who attended it while at Madison and recent headlines.

The irony of an opinion piece, that starts out with "I have no real opinion" is completely lost on Mr. Binversie, so is the fact that he has formed his non-opinion on hearsay(like we didnt know that anyway).   Anyone who has read Binversies posts know that facts, evidence and real world experience is not a major factor in his writings.

While there have been some problems at the Mifflin Street Block Party, throughout the years, the reality is it is a safer place to be than a GOP event with Republican Majority Leader Bill Kramer in attendance.  

For the record, the Mifflin Street Block Party was held this weekend and with the thousands of people there, no significant issues occurred at the party.   Turns out it is safer to attend the party now than a GOP frontrunner Donald Trump campaign event.

With only one person being arrested over the weekend at theMifflin Street Block party, it pales in comparison to the amount of people from Scott Walker's inner circle who have been arrested and convicted.

Maybe if the Republicans in Wisconsin spent more time taking care of their own house, instead of telling everyone else how they should live, we could have nice things(like schools and roads and jobs).  


  1. If it helps, joining Binversie in calling for an end to the Mifflin Street beer bash are Mayor Soglin and Police Chief Koval.

  2. If you notice I did not say if it should or should not be stopped. I dont attend so for me it does not matter...what im pointing out is Righty Hypocrisy and the myth of GOP wanting smaller government.

    As for Soglin, I think we should listen to him

    1. The Mifflin Street drunkfest is not an issue of "smaller government" but of law and order in a civil society. BTW: this year's event was an anomaly. In most years: stabbings, sexual assault, under-age drinking, medical emergencies and trips to detox. Of course, the miserable weather this year helped.

    2. Its funny when Righties sit in Wuakesha and Govern from afar its about doing the right thing but if they dont agree its we need big government out of our lives...

      I know there have been problems, I admitted that in prior years it was like a GOP fundraiser with BIll Kramer in attendance ....

  3. Ah good old Kevin B.! Did I mention that his cousin is Manitowoc's own Bob Ziegelbauer who long held the 25th Assembly seat as a DEMOCRAT!
    Bob is famous for systematically selling off chunks of public property like our brand new MCHCC (County Health Care Center) and most recently 1/3 of the County Fair grounds to Mejier Foods. No more grand stand and half of the parking was disappear. The Binversies are big into mega-farm ag banking and Bob Binversie owns Robin Way Farms but mostly made his millions selling stuff to other farmers.
    Just another example of how the 25th has been screwed over by the state party who told us that they needed uncle Bob down in Madison because he had that "D" after his name.
    Kinda special funny because Joe Winecki posted on facebook this morning that he was questioning whether Bernie Sanders is a real Democrat if he wasnt an official member. FYI Joe was State Chair before Tate and was the one that overruled the local party after voting 19 zip to give Bobby the boot!
    We have met the enemy and he is us!

  4. BTW, did I mention that Bob Z also when to Wharton like Trump?
    Oh the irony!

  5. This is what is known as an "ad hominem attack." I.E.: off-point, irrelevant, tendentious and just plain mean-spirited.

    1. I suggest you give it a read and see if you still think its an unjustified attack. From my experience its a valid observation.

    2. What would you know about Ad hominem attacks???