Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Rachel Duffy -Reality TV WIll Save Us

By Jeff Simpson

Milwaukee righty hate talker Charlie Sykes recently had world famous dancer Sean Duffy's wife, Rachel Duffy, on for an interview.  

As most elementary teachers will testify, when two children have a conversation, kids say the darndest things.   These two crazy kids did not disappoint!

Campos-Duffy: There is something that is limiting the indoctrination... reality tv shows kids like competition.

For those that do not speak right wing moonbat, and need an interpreter, Ms. Duffy is saying that we have reality TV, to counter indoctrination in our schools by Marxist Professors.
It’s worth noting that young people who don’t go to college have a more favorable view of capitalism than those who do. However, the indoctrination begins long before they meet their Marxist professors. In fact, children begin hearing messages that denigrate the notion of “competition” in the preschool years. It starts with kids shows that equate a desire to win with insensitivity to others. From Barbie to Dragon Tales, healthy competition is too often portrayed as a sign of anti-social behavior which needs to be addressed and rectified. These shows are the primer for the sports programs they’ll later join that de-emphasize competition, awarding medals just for participation.
She then gets on a roll of gobbeldygook

 The good news is that the left-wing indoctrination machine that seems to envelop our children from crib to grad school has its limits. No matter what the social engineers plan or do, or how much taxpayer funding they get, they can’t reverse the fact that my son will run faster to the mailbox if he runs with his sister than if he runs alone. They can’t take away the transcendent feeling of accomplishment my child feels when she gets an A, wins a scholarship, or takes first place in an art competition.
Now for the BIG finish:

 That’s why I am so encouraged by the popularity and growing number of television shows featuring young people, like NBC’s “The Voice”, the Food Network’s “Chopped Junior” or “Kids’ Baking Championship” – or even shows that you might not think are targeted to kids such as “Shark Tank”, “Cupcake Wars,” “Strong”, and “The Apprentice.”My kids and millions of others are drawn to these competition-driven reality shows. They cheer for their favorite competitors, and learn valuable lessons about character, dedication, hard work, and the sometimes unfair distribution of natural talent.
Sometimes they learn that having parents who can channel and nurture a child’s talent or interests makes all the difference. Other times they learn how hard work and passion can overcome everything, including poverty. Watch an episode of Bravo’s “Project Runway Junior,” “American Idol,” or any of the kids’ cooking competitions and you will walk away hopeful for the future of American genius and capitalism. You just know one day soon you’ll be downloading their hit song, purchasing one of their designer gowns, or waiting three months to get a reservation at their restaurant.
Umm Rach not sure if anyone has told you or not but Reality TV is NOT REAL.  As someone whose claim to fame is being on a "reality" show, I would think she would understand that.  I am not sure if she is now aware that there are not cameras all over her house anymore or not.   I mean no one really thought that her relationship with Puck was something that was not staged.    
A look at the shows she is touting reveal that yes, it does resemble America.  For instance, the Voice has not churned out a superstar yet but has helped make the judges bigger stars, In 15 seasons of American Idol and thousands of contestants, there have been 69 people who have released albums and most of those never even charted.   Take away Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson and how many past contestants can you name?  The reality is these are designed for the winner they want to win
Like Republican economic policy, family values and world view, Reality TV is divorced from reality.  
Thanks to Mrs. Campos Duffy for pointing that out to us! 


  1. The lesser barons must now demonstrate their fealty to the new lord...

  2. Far too often are rightwing "leaders" seem to sum up their knowledge with the equivalent of, "Well, I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night!"

  3. kids watch cartoons, just like reality shows, what a buffoon duffy is. just like her husband.