Thursday, May 26, 2016

The Paul Ryan Primary!

By Jeff Simpson

I wrote recently that every Democrat, Independent and Conservative should vote for Paul Nehlen in the Primary on August 9th in the 1st Congressional District.   This could be our best chance ever to rid the Country of the stench of Paul Ryan(R-Wall St.).  A simple vote for his challenger on August 9th by people outside the entrenched Republican party insiders could have lasting effects in "Making America Great Again"!  

That being said, after we do to Paul Ryan what he has helped do to thousands upon thousands of his constituents = send them to the Unemployment line.   Granted Ryan, with his lack fo ethics and morals, will then become a multi million dollar a year lobbyist But at least he will not making laws and sending our jobs over seas!  

That all being said, after the primary, then it is each party for itself, with a war of actual issues and policy being discussed.   Right now Paul Ryan has $8 Million dollars sitting in his account and he is ready to pump the airwaves full of ads that will make him look like Paul Wellstones ideological soul mate during the general and win again.

However, there is a catch.   In order for this to work, we need a Democrat on the ballt to make this a race when Paul Nehlen wins.   Then we can let the person who the voters like best win, instead the chameleon who changes his stripes long enough to run.  

So we here at CogDis have a call to action.   PLEASE help Tom Breu get enough signatures to be on the ballot.   The signature gathering for national offices is very burdensome with a small window and he needs your help!!

I am hearing a rumor that people are scared to sign his nomination papers because of the vitriol and harassment the people who signed the Walker recall have to put up with.  

I personally believe that if someone wants to run for office, more power to them.  I would sign anyones nomination form that asked!   It is not a guarantee vote, it is not a pledge to give money(by all means feel free to do both if you want) all it is, is a thank you for taking the time to participate in our democracy.  

So please, sign Mr. Breu's nomination papers and if you can please grab a page and collect ten signatures quick for him.  

For more information or to help, please contact:

Mark Gisleson,
Ashley Sanchez,

Also if anyone has harassed you for signing nomination papers, please contact me !

Thank you!!! 

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  1. "... with his lack of ethics and morals." You wrote Paul Ryan. Any facts to back that up? You meant the Clintons, right?

    1. After yesterday's John
      Doe decision, and this week's numerous court revelations over how cynical and crooked the
      Wisconsin GOP is, ya sure you wanna talk about ethics today, WHAAAA-ska?

      How much do they pay you to defend this moral bankruptcy, anyway?

  2. I could write a book that would make war and peace look like cliffs notes . However it would take me longer than it takes PAUL to run a marathon

  3. I don't want you to write a book, Jeff. (Believe me!) Just one citation. Or are you the only one privy to this information? (And I do believe that if you wrote a book it would make War and Peace look like Cliff's Notes.)

  4. here you go you can read up Dave you might learn something. And i'm sure this is outdated not sure if it is there about the washing clean dishes, or the fake marathon time or the time he blamed obama for the Janesville GM plant closing despite the fact it happened long before Obama took office or the time he led a meeting with a bunch of other repubs where they decided to commit treason and obstruct everything the president does no matter how small..or.....

  5. blaska the aska go to your on blog and write lies

  6. Paul Ryan once washed clean dishes? THAT is your definition of Ryan's "lack of ethics and morals"? What about the rape of Jaunita Broaddrick and Paul Jones? The sudden death of Vince Foster? The secret e-mail server? The crooked Whitewater land deal? Ignoring the Benghazi ambassador's pleas for more protection? The White House trysts with Monica Lewinski? The $ix-figure Goldman Sachs speeches?

    One more thing: if "Treason" (!!!) is defined as opposing the chief executive, isn't that what Peter Barca is trying to do?

    Gawd you're a piece of work, Jeff! But greatly entertaining!

  7. The secret e-mail server? dave we write plenty about scott walkers failings as human and elected officials here....