Friday, May 27, 2016

Tom Larson (R-67th) - Pervert in Waiting

By Jeff Simpson

We have covered the debate about our friends in the LGBT community and how the Big Government Republican Bullies want to tell them where, when and how they have to pee.

However this goes beyond the pale.   GOP Rep. Tom Larson (R-67th) had this to say about the issue:

Does that mean women should be scared of Mr. Larson becoming a pervert if they are ever alone with him?  Has anyone checked with any women on his staff?  Any constituent ever been along with him?  Has he ever been to a public pool or beach?  With the track record Republican elected officials have  believe this is enough evidence to start a deeper investigation.

Seriously!  Lucky for the women in Madison, Mr. Larson is retiring (although I think that was coming anyway).   However the people of the 67th district had better be on the lookout for this guy:

Floor 21811 3.jpg

Your daughter, sister, mother, neighbor depend on it!!!!

Here is Mr. Larsons contact information:

21 N State Capitol , 
Madison, WI 53702, 53713

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