Monday, May 23, 2016

Privatizer Low Class - Robin Vos

By Jeff Simpson

We recently brought you the story of how the UW Administration is warning the Professors and other staff, who keep having no confidence votes in their ability to lead, that the Governor is very petty and he will punish the whole university system for criticizing him.   

 The attacks on the University of Wisconsin system have had real and long last effects.   The University of Wisconsin system is truly the engine that drives our economy and for someone in a position as Scott Walker to punish his perceived enemies, because they have a differing opinion while making the whole state suffer for years shows you exactly who Scott Walker and his allies are. 
That an op-ed written by a Professor would have any effect on the UW-System funding in the next budget shows that they are not fit to be on a Junior High Student Council. 
Well as we say here, there is more - There is always more:

It turns out Scott Walkers allies are just as small minded, petty and unfit to govern as he is.

Majority Speaker Robin Vos, who once had this to say about the University of Wisconsin system:

 Continually, time after time after time, you have embarrassed the state of Wisconsin, said Rep. Robin Vos, R-Burlington. Seated just feet from him were the targets of his fury: Kevin Reilly, University of Wisconsin System President, and David Ward, interim chancellor of UW-Madison.

Robin Vos, who liked the University of Whitewater so much he took extra time finishing,  is back at it again.  Vos is very upset that the Faculty continue to hold No Confidence votes regarding their Administration and Board of Regents.

 Apparently, Vos is the only person in WI allowed to criticize UW administration.

And UW faculty should be thankful that legislators allowed the Regents to set new tenure guidelines because, Vos said, “I might have eliminated tenure altogether.”
Vos said he only agreed to let the Regents enact new tenure guidelines at the request of Cross.
Walker accused protesting UW faculty members of “groaning.” The governor who will hand the Legislature a proposed budget next year not only hinted that the four-year undergraduate tuition freeze might be extended two more years, but he also added in his weekly public update:

Robin "Small Government"Vos said the people who actually drive our economic engine in WI should be happy that  the GOP appointed Board of Regents.  Robin Vos really does not understand how things work in Wisconsin so let me help.  

The Board is responsible for establishing policies and rules for governing the System, planning to meet future state needs for collegiate education, setting admission standards and policies, reviewing and approving university budgets, and establishing the regulatory framework within which the individual units are allowed to operate with as great a degree of autonomy as possible.  The Board appoints the president of the university system and the chancellors of the 13 universities and UW-Extension and UW Colleges.  The Board grants tenure appointments to faculty members
The Board of Regents is responsible for the things that Robin Vos mistakenly thinks that he is responsible for.  I guess when you feel your superior to the rest of WIsconsin you fee; the need to run every aspect of our lives.  

They will use the taxpayers are paying for the university but that argument really is dishonest:

Walker is right; the total UW System budget is a record $6.19 billion this year.
But only $1.03 billion—or 16 percent—of that will come from state taxes. For nine years, legislators and governors of both parties have kept annual aid to the UW System at about $1.1 billion. In that same period, total UW System spending went up 43 percent—from $4.3 billion to $6.19 billion.
16% of the budget comes from tax dollars yet the WISGOP feel the need to micromanage 100 % of the control.  

Try and figure that one out .....

We have a chance again this November to make real reforms and change in WI and vote out the big government Republicans.  

Andy Mitchell is running to bring ethical intelligent behavior back to the 63rd district of WI,   Like his page and help him out!

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