Wednesday, October 26, 2016

End Rashism Vote For Sarah!

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By Jeff Simpson 

There is a huge election in Wisconsin's 6th Congressional District.  It is currently being "represented" by national embarrassment Glenn Grothman.   Grothman is such a fool, that he recently made national news:

Yes Glenn way to represent. It is impressive that he can go be a career politician, do nothing in Washington and still catch the eye of comedians with his lunacy.  

Wisconsin can do so much better.  

As John Nichols put it recently in the Cap Times:

And Sarah Lloyd would seem to be an ideal challenger. 
A farmer who (with her husband Nels Nelson) runs a 400-cow dairy operation near Wisconsin Dells in Columbia County, Lloyd has deep roots in rural Wisconsin, where she has served as a member of the Columbia County Board. Yet she is, as well, a state and national leader regarding rural development, food policy and related economic issues. She has worked for many years with the Wisconsin Farmers Union and she represents Wisconsin dairy farmers on the National Dairy Board and the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board. She’s a member of both the Advisory Board for the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point College of Natural Resources and the Citizens Advisory Committee for the University of Wisconsin-Madison Center for Integrated Agricultural Systems.
Lloyd is, as well, one of the most internationally experienced congressional candidates Wisconsin has seen since Petri and former Congressman Les Aspin began their careers in the 1970s. With degrees from Brown University, the UW-Madison and the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, she has worked on sustainable forest management and development issues in Russia, Sweden and Finland. She’s fluent in Swedish, conversant in Russian, and more prepared than most sitting members of Congress to discuss global environmental and trade policy.
Lloyd is dramatically better prepared to serve in Congress than Grothman. And she is dramatically more serious about representing the 6th District, which includes farm country, small towns and industrial centers across a vast stretch of central and eastern Wisconsin.
A Democrat and an economic realist who recognizes that the policies of Republican and Democratic presidents have failed to effectively challenge the destructive influence of Wall Street speculators and multinational corporations, she has a 21st century worldview that rejects failed approaches to trade and job creation. On trade policy, in particular, Lloyd has the experience, and the vision, to recognize: “Trade deals must be designed and negotiated so they put workers, farmers, and communities first. They must have strong provisions to limit currency manipulation, which is a major factor in creating trade deficits.”
“Congress’ authority to set trade policy must be protected,” explained Lloyd, who pointed out: “‘Fast track’ trade authority is not acceptable. It undermines Congress’ role in protecting the interest of the American people.”
Lloyd is right on the specifics. More importantly, she gets the full picture, arguing, “Now is the time for all of us, as citizens, to push back and demand an economy that works for people and communities and not just for the multinational corporations.”
That’s a populist message that is in tune with the sentiments of a district where Democratic voters overwhelmingly backed Bernie Sanders in the April 5 primary and Republican voters displayed deep skepticism with regard to the elite consensus on economics.
Help Sarah end the career politician reign of Glenn Grothman, go to her website, like her on Facebook, send her a few dollars and/or give her a couple hours of your time.  

Wisconsin and the Nation will thank you!  

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