Tuesday, October 25, 2016

O' Darling!

By Jeff Simpson

Sen. Alberta Darling, leader of the exclusive club "Wisconsin women for Trump", gave an interview to Mike Gousha, and it was a doozy.

In a Sunday interview on “UpFront with Mike Gousha,” Darling said that Trump’s policies align with women’s interests and argued that undecided conservative voters in Wisconsin will come around to Trump as the election nears.
“When you listen to the policy discussions that Trump has, he is on point with what women want. They want a secure country for their children and for their families,” Darling said. “They think national defense is extremely important, especially since a lot of the terrorism has started to hit our streets in the United States.”
"Trump is on point with what women want"  I assume she means that women want a guy to suck on some tic tacs before they get attacked.    As The Donald let us know, that is his main strategy.  Luckily Peter Griffin was there to film it for us. 

Then Darling added fuel to the ignorance fire when she defended these comments:

Host Mike Gousha asked whether Trump’s lewd comments about women, showcased in a 2005 video, bothered Darling. She said that the comments did bother her, calling them “indefensible.” But she noted that they were made 11 years ago, and Trump has “since married and has a wonderful little child.”

I know it never stops any of the WISGOP from speaking about things they have no idea about, but a quick Google search tells us that not only was The Donald and Melania married at the time if this video, she was pregnant with that "wonderful little child"at the time.  He actually met Melania, while he was married to his second wife, and on a date with another woman. 

I wonder if Ms. Darling would feel comfortable leaving her daughter alone in a room with Mr. Trump or if her son acted like The Donald around women.   

As one of my favorite journalists, Larisa Alexandrovna, tweeted:

While this recent skit from Saturday Night Live, was brilliant, who knew that he was playing off the ignorance of our own legislators:

Let's Make Wisconsin Great Again and make sure Alberta Darling is in the minority in January!


  1. To be fair, Drumpf might fit the needs of idle rich old white women living in Charlie Sykes-land and subsisting on a diet of Xanax and vodka at Ozaukee CC.

    But I don't think Bertie DAHHHH-ling's world is one that doesn't relate much to the 99% of us that aren't rich and connected.

  2. Now I know why those women went after Bill Clinton. He didn't use tic tacs.