Friday, October 14, 2016

Fired From The Freeman

By Jeff Simpson 

Jimmy Wigderson, who for some reason has been writing a poor column in the Waukesha Freeman and luckily for the people of Waukesha County it is finally coming to an end.  

Wiggy announced it in his blog with exactly the attitude that you would expect.  First he explained it in his view.  First he plays the hero:

 I suspect there will be some speculation that it’s because of my “Never Trump” stance.

No.  No one will think that can we move on  

No, as much as I’d like to pretend I’m a martyr, it’s the result of economics.

Finally a factual statement on   Yes Jim does love to play the martyr and yes it does have to do with economics.  When you print crap and no one reads it, it makes no sense to pay some one to write crap.   Besides have you seen the Walker economy?  Businesses need to cut costs, anywhere they possibly can! 

His final column was regurgitated crap about the John Doe Investigation.   It is full of too much BS, to share here but (in the interest of anyone being curious, here is one of the more uninteresting lines.   
Never mind that if there was anything illegal in the emails that were seized by the partisans at the GAB; the prosecutors there would have happily have gone after the governor or any of his supporters. 

How do you fit so much BS in one sentence?   Most of the GAB had ties to the Republican party.    After reading #walkerdocs, the prosecutors did go after Walker, who had to spend north of a million dollars hiring two criminal defense to make sure he did not get charged.  Finally, amongst his supporters, numerous were given immunity and 6 of his closest inner circle members were actually convicted and sent to jail.    

It takes four lines of fact checking to counter one line of Jimmy's BS.  

Finally, and this is rich, he is such a good person and "Martyr" that he asks you to please withhold your prayers for him, he still has plenty of wing-nut welfare to fall back upon.  

But don’t worry about me. I still have my regular gig as the education reporter for Wisconsin Watchdog, I’m still a contributor to Right Wisconsin and the MacIver Institute, and I even have an article for WPRIbeing published soon.Instead, our prayers go out to our friends who have lost more than a weekly freelance column at the Waukesha Freeman. Good luck to them in the future.

As for the future, maybe, just maybe there is hope for the printed media.   Anytime a media outlet gets rid of one of their biggest Bullshitters(I am talking to you Charlie Sykes), there is cause to celebrate.  

Let's hope we see more of this!  And soon!



  1. It was the economy?!

    B-b-b-but I thought Scott Walker was doing such a great job with the state's economy, with good paying jobs for anyone who wants one!

    In other words, the stuff Wiggy has been promoting doesn't work and it's come to bite him in his oversized ass. Well, maybe he could get a job as a charter school teacher.


  3. Jeff should know something about being fired from a newspaper.

  4. Jeff should know something about being fired from a newspaper.