Wednesday, October 5, 2016

You're (Not) A Good Man, Charlie Sykes

By Jeff Simpson

Chuck Sykes made bigger news today than he should have, by saying he was leaving his radio show at the end of the year.

Charlie Sykes, who has helped shape conservatism and some of its leading local figures for more than two decades, is leaving the air at the end of the year.
What Bice meant to say was that Charlie helped define a new brand of conservatism(Who is Ike anyway?)in the eastern corner of Wisconsin.   Sykes, as we have seen by the lack of actual influence of Wisconsin Republicans on the national stage, has had a very minimal effect on national "conservatism".

As we pointed out a couple weeks ago, Charlie has started trying to rework his public persona and too many "journalists" are working with him to allow that too happen.

Politico had a puff piece where they used an example to show how Charlie has changed:

“Yeah! Let me make a comparison, and I don’t mean this in a bad way,” Audrey says. “They’re talking about phasing out breeding of pit bulls. Well, not all pit bulls are bad.”
 “You’re comparing American citizens, Muslims, to rabid dogs,” Sykes responds.
 “No, I’m saying, they’re talking about phasing out the breed because so many are bad. No one wants to phase out poodles! I mean, there’s no Lutherans doing this! We never know when one of these people are going to be radicalized.”
 “One of these people,” says Sykes.
 Sykes ends the call. He’s silent, broadcasting dead air. He looks upset, like he’s stopped breathing. He goes to a commercial break.
 “OK, that doesn’t happen very often,” he says off-air. “I’m not usually absolutely speechless.” He says his listeners never talked like this until recently.
 “Were these people that we actually thought were our allies?” he asks.

Interesting question Chucky,  the quick answer is YES!

The Politico piece was written in August, where the blatant racism took Charlie's breath away.

Charlie recovered quickly though, and within a couple months, was back at it with winks and nods towards the Audrey's of Wisconsin.

Our Friends at Wisconsin Law and Liberty (WILL) will be holding a Soiree in Milwaukee coming up, where there is a $100 entry fee to see a conversation between Dr. Charles Murray and (you guessed it) Charlie Sykes.

While $100 seems expensive, it is a small price to pay, when you can gather a room full of people who look like you and find an "expert" to tell you that you are superior to everyone who does not look like you!

Doc Murray has made a career telling white people that they are smarter than black, women, and latino's. That of course fits the perfect profile of someone that WILL would get as a guest of honor and Charlie would want to spend the night speaking with.

The white nationalist Dr. Murray, who also happens to be a good friend and ally of Paul Ryan, will be at the University Club of Milwaukee on Wednesday October 12th from 6:00-9:00 pm.

Cash Bar will be open at 6:00, followed by a serving of bigotry, discrimination and narrow-mindedness, dessert will be a fresh serving of Jim Crow, made from Charlie Sykes own recipe.

In between the courses, Charlie Sykes and Dr. Murray will be discussing the wonders of white people.

In the end its no surprise that Charlie Sykes will be the lone person on stage with Dr. Murray.

The question that needs to be answered though, is will Audrey be in the front row?


  1. Thanks for the info Jeff, I hadn't heard about this event. My wife and I will be sure to attend. I always had the upmost respect for Mrent. Sykes.

    1. You are quite the weak-minded troll from the 262, ain't ya?

      Hate to inform ya, but Chuckles doesn't respect you, Jeffy. He laughs at your dead-end self when he's off the air, knowing a SUCKER like you will keep on buying whatever BS he sells.

    2. Jeff you are welcome....hope you and your wife enjoy it. If you find the event too expensive, let me know. For $50 a piece I will sit down with you and tell you how much smarter , greater and good looking you are than any minority. Genetics you know.

      The more people you bring the more you save!

  2. Thanks for the info Jeff, I hadn't heard about this event. My wife and I will be sure to attend. I always had the upmost respect for Mrent. Sykes.

  3. Yes, you are right that chuckl is trying to skip out on the political debacle he helped to create. As the new republican counterpoint on msnbc evening shows, Chuckles now wrings his hankie and wonders aloud how
    Trump ever became the Republican nominee! The msnbc hosts eat that up when they should be telling chuckles to go home and look in the mirror

  4. sykes is a total idiot and loser.

    I don't mind saying it.