Wednesday, October 12, 2016

What Senator Shilling Should Say

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By Jeff Simpson

Today on the Devils Advocate Radio show, Michael Crute played an interview with Democratic Senate Minority Leader Jen Shilling where she said she expected this election to go very well for the Democrats and they should pick up a Senate seat or two.  

Well not sure if anyone told Ms. Shilling what is happening lately in WI but someone needs to clue her in.   First off the Democrats need to win three seats to retake the majority.  Secondly, Donald Trump, the racist, misogynist, sexist, petty, babied billionaire will be om the top of the ticket.  Third, the Walker administration and the WISGOP, have run our state into the ground with the largest debt and the most spending in our history(among other problems).

If the Democratic party can come out of this once in a lifetime election with only gaining one seat it might be the biggest colossal failure in electoral history  

As a "leader" (Ms. Shilling is not the first Democrat to talk about how few seats they are going to win) that is not very inspiring to the "troops",

Can you imagine how quickly Paul Chryst would be fired, if he pointed out that "because they are playing Ohio State, they should be able to get a first down or two. That it would be a great day if they only lost by two touchdowns"?  

I get it though, the Democrats have been getting a beat down since Mike Tate rose to prominence.   The party also has a a history of hiring professional political class consultants who are very good at increasing their bank accounts and decreasing the seats that Democrats hold.  

With such a long history of being down, I am going to offer some free advice.  


Q.  Senator Shilling, how do you see the election cycle going for your party in November?

A. Senator Shilling:   Very good question.  We are very excited this election cycle.  We have been out knocking on doors, meeting voters and Wisconsin citizens and they have been very receptive of our positive message.   

The voters know that our Governor has been so busy campaigning for President that he has greatly ignored our state   The voters are also aware that his allies in the Senate, like Senator Fitzgerald, have given him a blank check to run our state and he has written it for vast sums of money.  Our last budget was the biggest budget in state history and they have also burdened us with a record amount of debt that our children will bare the burden for.    

For example, in Senate District 14, we see that the King Nursing home is in the news often because it has been so incompetently run.   That is right in Luther Olson's back yard and he decided to go eat pies(literally) than take steps to solve the problem and treat our Veteran heroes with the respect and dignity they deserve.   The voters there are anxious to be represented by Brian Smith, a true public servant.  

In Senate District 18, our challenger Mark Harris so scares Senator Fitzgerald that they had to pass a bill that strictly targets Mr. Harris.   He is currently the Winnebago County Executive and Scott Fitzgerald playing petty politics, passed a bill that specifically said that County Executives can not also serve in the Senate.  Well there are mayors, school board members. county board members etc... that are serving in, or running for the State Senate.   However, there is only one county executive that fits that description - Mark Harris.   Mark will make a great Senator when the people in his district send him to Madison!   

in the 12th district, Incumbent Tom Tiffany has been a firebrand for the Republicans.  Not in a good way of course, but more so in a, this guy makes Donald Trump seem fair and open minded, kind of way.  

The Democratic challenger there is Bryan Van Stippen.   The people of the 12th district finally have someone that wants to represent the people of the 12th and not whatever company comes in and throws a few hundred dollars in his campaign fund.  Bryan Van Stippen is someone who wants to restore local control back to our communities and rebuilding Wisconsin.

I know I forgot a couple people off the top of my head but I am certain that November 8th will be a very good day for the Democrats in WI!

We have to start talking about winning before we can actually start winning!


  1. And people talk about her as a potential candidate for governor. Color me uninspired.

  2. Jeff, I share your concerns and promised I would share my story as well, which do suggest more opportunities than yours and speculate that it might be taking Donald Trump to lead to victory in state Senate:

  3. I dont get that either. Fitz was lyong through his teeth about how the GOPs would be just fine, because he doesnt want to demoralize their mouth-breathing base, and Shilling gives this "meh, dont expect much" answer.

    That's not what a legit contender says. Noted for 2018

  4. We are the vanilla pudding of messaging. When wil we become motivating flame throwers? Where is Manning?

  5. Low expectations always yield low results.
    Leadership has been a Democratic failure for some time now.
    But yet they go to Fighting Bob Fest and come home uninspired and unwilling to fight.
    Its really getting hard to watch anymore...

  6. Remember, Jennifer Shilling is likely the Democratic establishment's preferred candidate for Governor of Wisconsin. That gives you a general idea of how lame the Democratic establishment in Wisconsin is.

    1. I don't know a lot about Jennifer Shilling. That said, Democrats in Wisconsin have a terrible tendency to run to "not lose" rather than running to actually win. I would say the last three gubernatorial campaigns and the most recent state supreme court election are indicative of that. Republicans don't have the same problem.