Saturday, October 22, 2016

Mandy Wright Under Attack

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By Jeff Simpson

I told you before that Mandy Wright was under attack by Scott Jensen.   Two years ago, Jensen spent about $150,000 smearing Ms. Wright and was able to beat her by 86 votes.   The nameless stooge that Jensen bought into office decided not to run again so now they are running former, very small market right wing radio host - Patty Snyder.

Scott Jensen got less than he bargained for and because he found such a weak candidate, he has to spend more money   This year Mr. Jensen has spent well over $200,000 of the Michigander's DeVos family money, to send their employee to Madison.

In a district that has been devastated by lay offs at places such as Wausau Papers, Federal Mogul Wausau Insurance, SNE Enterprises etc... and Scott Jensen is spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to smear Ms. Wright so they can tap even more into public education funds.  

Formerly convicted felon, Scott Jensen, actually leads the organization American Federation For Children (AFC) even though he would not be qualified to work in any public school district in Wisconsin.  In other words, the guy who many people are trusting to decide what we do with our public education money, is not qualified to work with our children.  

Not only is Mr. Jensen not professionally qualified, he is not intellectually qualified either.  The ad that he is running(trust me no one spends his money without his approval) is written in his best Trumpesque, 7th grade neener neener, pee wee herman like text that, would earn a 6th grader a D-, you need to do better from any teacher in America.  

“My mom and dad taught me to always keep my promises. They say I have to if I want people to trust me. I heard them say this teacher, Mandy Wright, wants to get elected, but she doesn’t keep her promises. My mom said she promised to help schools, but she voted against giving them $300 million dollars. My dad said she promised to help veterans, like him, but she said no to extra money to help them too. They also say Mandy Wright promised to take care of old people, like my grandma and grandpa, but she said no to helping them with their medicine. And she got a fine for lying. She called in sick at her school, so the kids had no teacher, but she wasn’t even sick! So if Mandy Wright broke all these promises, I don’t think I can trust her. I bet that’s why she lost the last election. Why would anyone want to vote for Mandy Wright in this election?”
Seriously, overlooking that there is zero truth anywhere in the ad (except that Mandy Wright is a teacher), it looks like it was written by someone who lost a writing contest at Liberty University.

While the whole thing is absurd, I want to focus on one line:

She called in sick at her school, so the kids had no teacher, but she wasn’t even sick! 

I was not aware that Pat Snyder, Scott Jensen, Scott Walker etc... had their medical degrees and are able to diagnose sickness, especially from afar ( I am curious if they ever complained about Scott Walker's 3 months of drunkenness on the taxpayer dollar last summer. but that is another post).  

If anyone has ever attended Milwaukee brewers opening day, they would know that 40,000 + people are all together trying to recover from the illness they called in sick for.   Anyone that has a clue on how our schools work, know that when a teacher calls in sick, the school district calls in a sub so never in a child's school career do they "have no teacher".

It is a disgusting, childish, ridiculous ad, and anyone that would run such a commercial, does not deserve your vote for anything, but maybe a "most corrupt politician" reality TV show.  

Please, our friends in the 85th Assembly district, please send Mandy Wright back to Madison!  The rest of the state is counting on you!

Here is Mandy Wrights website and like her Facebook page, check her out, give her a few bucks, knock some doors for her and/or call your friends in the district.

Every vote counts!  

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