Saturday, October 15, 2016

Paul Ryan Rallies The (Wrong) Troops

Image result for woman tied to railroad trackBy Jeff Simpson

Today, Paul Ryan (R-Wall St.) capped off a very bad week.  He started it last weekend when the GOP held a rally in Elkhorn, WI.

While it was full of the standard red meat of people who make it a family affair and show up in their best "Trump that Bitch" T-shirt.  While the media eats it up, because they can run around and interview people who you sweat just came from Glenn Grothman's family reunion (by the way he has an incredible opponent this election, Sarah Lloyd, and the world will owe the 6th Congressional District a debt of gratitude if you send her to Washington!),

The real drama at this rally though, was what was going on that night before.  The "pussy" tape was revealed that day and that night, the Donald went from headliner, just another speaker to uninvited.  Paul Ryan wanted to distance himself from The Donald who he thought was finally becoming toxic, so he invited  his Vice Presidential running mate,

Apparently there is someone with common sense is in the Ryan inner circle because they informed Mr. Ryan that inviting Mr. Pence was NOT distancing himself from The Donald.   Then Mr. Pence was unceremoniously dumped.

Lost in the shuffle, was the fact that Paul Ryan put out a statement on the Donald's sexual assault tapes and was almost as condescending and misogynist:

“Women are to be championed and revered, not objectified." 

Paul Ryan is sure that it was his rib that eve was made from, and he will "champion" all women.   It is understandable, because thanks to his wife's family fortune(sounds familiar) he is able to continue his wine habits.   

Lucky for Mr. Ryan, the media kowtows to him and never brings up his actual record with the women he has "championed".  For instance, he held a meeting on women's access to contraception  and had a total of zero women invited to the conversation.   Apparently he was revering them from afar.    Let's also not forget this gem where he champions the ability of women to not have an abortion if they get pregnant after being raped(how many lil Donnies would be running around if that were law) 

A good post at Kos, runs down Paul Ryan's record with women:

And what about you, Paul Ryan? How have you personally “championed” women? Was it in 1998 when you said that women should be criminally prosecuted for terminating pregnancies? When you tried to prevent women serving overseas in our military from having abortions in U.S. military hospitals even when they paid for it out of their own pockets? How about when you worked with Todd Akin to narrow the legal definition of rape to “forcible rape”? Or maybe it was in 2009 when you co-sponsored the “Sanctity of Life” Act which declared a fertilized egg a “person” and outlawed abortions, most forms of contraception and in-vitro fertilization? The numerous times you have voted to defund Planned Parenthood? In 2011 when you supported the “Let Women Die Bill” that allowed hospitals to refuse to terminate pregnancies even when the woman’s life was in danger?Was it when you opposed the Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act? Opposed paid family leave? 
The The Donald, having had a night to digest what happened, did what he does best - go unhinged on Twitter:

Then Mr. Ryan closed out the week at a semi hyped speech he gave to the UW College Republicans, who are chaired by Alex Walker.   Ryan, the great uniter who is sick of the vitriol this election, gave a speech about the evils of some thing he made up called "LiberalProgressivism".    Apparently this Liberal Progressivism is the root of all evil.   After his speech laming liberals for everything from the Billy the Kid to the Berlin wall to Billy Bush, he then took "questions" from the college kids.   Amazingly, these "completely random" questions, never once mentioned some guy name Donald Trump. 

Of course when it came time to face the actual reporters, Ryan turned into Houdini and escaped immediately.   Paul Ryan is prepared to take the fight to ISIS but not prepared to answer a question from Molly Beck or Jessie Opoien.

Then, Paul Ryan ended his week making the case for Russ Feingold.   Seriously.

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