Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Geraldo Calls David Clarke Out For "Unfair" Racist Rhetoric

After the Veep debate, Geraldo Rivera and Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke joined Sean Hannity to discuss the debate. Things quickly broke down when Rivera pointed out Clarke's irresponsible racist rhetoric:

Appearing on Sean Hannity's post-vice presidential debate show, Clarke said he took exception to Democratic vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine's criticism of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump for saying black Americans are "living in hell." Clarke is a Trump surrogate who often criticizes Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

"I said that before Donald Trump did," Clarke asserted, recalling a remark he first made in August. "I said the American ghetto is a hellhole — unless Mrs. Bill Clinton and Sen. Kaine think it's OK for blacks to live in entrenched poverty with failing schools, inadequate housing and crime-infested neighborhoods."

But Rivera pushed back, saying he grew up in New York City and rides his bike on streets all over the town.

"Harlem is not a hellhole," Rivera said. "I got news for you. There are beautiful brownstones there. There's a striving middle class. There's new restaurants opening all the time."

Rivera finished by calling Clarke's generalization "outrageous" before being cut off by Hannity, who tried to shift the discussion to the problems of African-Americans in Chicago. Rivera agreed that there are "pockets of real gang violence" in the Second City. He added that Chicago has problems that don't exist in New York.
Clarke then stomped his undersized, cowboy booted, little feet, stuck, out his lower lip and said he does too know all about ghettos and how he faces them every day.

What he forgot to mention is he won't even go to the bathroom unless he is escorted by a small platoon of deputies acting as bodyguards.

Then again, if he ever bothered doing his damn job instead of pandering to his plantation bosses on Faux News, maybe crime in Milwaukee wouldn't be half as bad as he pretends it is.


  1. So where is the Democratic Party of Wisconsin on this one? Don't let them tell you the lie that they are powerless to call him out and do a truth campaign.

    I called DPW and spoke to a young volunteer that knew nothing at all about what was happening in Wisconsin. Not surprising, he is from out-of-state, has spent little time here, and will not be spending much time here.

    I asked specific questions about what the democratic party was doing to call out republican Clarke who abuses the brand of the democratic party. He promised to get back to me with answers. Instead, he called me back 1 business day later, stating "The Democratic Party of Wisconsin does not support what David Clarke says about the party!"

    I bit my tongue, but wanted to yell into the phone: OF COURSE I KNEW THEY WOULD SAY THAT!!!! MY QUESTION IS WHAT ARE THEY GOING TO DO ABOUT THIS!

    I heard dead silence and then he said, "oh yeah. I will ask and get back to you."

    Of course, I never did get any further information.

    Don't let the party lie to you -- even if you accept that they are powerless to get a real democratic candidate past the primary, David Clarke has more than 12 years of race-baiting and attacks on the democratic party -- all done on the most divisive right-wing and extreme media forums possible. He appeared at the republican convention!

    He does not do his job in Milwaukee, because he is too busy being a republican rock star at the taxpayers expense. But the problem is not actually Clarke.

    The democratic party could issue statements on his attacks and antics. Please remember, he undermines the democratic party in Milwaukee-area, across Wisconsin, and across the U.S.A.

    Please contact the The Democratic Party of Wisconsin & The Democratic Party of Milwaukee County and please attend the October meeting in Milwaukee:

    6 - 8pm at the Amalgamated Transit Union Building, 734 N. 26th St., Milwaukee 53208.

    NOTE: Uppity Wisconsin blog has a posting from 2015 and has this event (3rd Monday monthly) on their calendar at a bar on Bluemound Avenue in Milwaukee -- it appears their information is outdated, but you might want to call and ask.

    I understand why the Scott Walkers and David Clarkes of the world promote the ALEC/Koch agenda. We were suppose to have a choice in elections to vote against this -- WE DON'T!

    Until the party takes responsibility for the increasingly reckless conduct of David Clarke, all camouflaged under the banner of the democratic party, there is no change in Wisconsin. He is the rallying guy and focal point of all the screech radio and right-wing media echo-chamber that blankets Wisconsin and now across America.

    Can someone get Martha Laning to explain why the party stands down on Clarke's constant attacks and right-wing media grandstanding?

  2. simple solution, kick Clarke out of the party, that easy.

  3. Clarke invited Geraldo for a ride along in the ghetto.


    Clarkes jurisdiction includes the County jail, the highways, the courthouse and the parks.

    Everything else in Milwaukee county is covered by the city police departments.

    Nothing in the Sherman park neighborhood unrest happened in any area presided over by sheriff Clarke but that didn't stop him from fencing off Sherman park and imposing a kerfew in the park where he even threatened to arrest the Milwaukee County executive if he violated the orders of the sheriff.

    Clarke does not really deal with any of the problems that he talks about.

    It seems like his major accomplishment in the last month or so was the death of an inmate in the county jail because the inmate was deprived of water.

  4. Sheriff Clarke is a liar. He has no jurisdiction in ghettos of Milwaukee. He is in charge of protection at the court,the jail, and the parks.