Monday, October 10, 2016

Pat Snyder Needs A Calendar

Image result for calendarBy Jeff Simpson

Pat Snyder, who wants to make the 85th Assembly District "A better place", has some friends that are working against him.

A group that actually calls themselves "Friends of Pat Snyder",  has put out an attack webpage on Mandy Wright.   The website which is actually, truth.patsnyderfor8th is one page of poorly formatted and silly attacks on Ms. Wright.  

They actually blame Ms. Wright for the scandal at the Veterans nursing home in King, WI.   While the King situation is a huge mess, it is far from Mandy Wright's problem.

Mr. Snyder's friends were actually kind enough to footnote their attack ad, unfortunately not sure they actually read their notes.  

1. Wisconsin Act 20, 8/2013
2. The Capital Times, 8/31/16
3. WBAY, 9/6/16
4. The Capital Times, 8/31/16
5. The Capital Times, 8/29/16
6. The Capital Times, 7/15/16

For those paying attention, Ms. Wright was the 85th Assembly Rep from January 2012- January 2014,where she served in the minority and unable to effect any change that the Republicans did not agree with.  

That being said,  it is beyond the pale for anyone to blame Ms. Wright for any bad that is happening statewide in the summer of 2016.  

It shows desperation, lack of understanding of the issues and the disgusting ability to use our heroes as props in an ability to gain power.  

A fun fact about the "Friends of Pat Snyder" group is it appears that the Plural (s) is a typo as the only friend of Mr. Snyder that I can find is his treasurer, Attorney Sarah Ruffi.  Atty Ruffi is well known for hiring someone for her law office then rescinding the offer after President Obama was elected.

There is only one choice for the people if the 85th and that is Mandy Wright!   

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