Monday, October 24, 2016

RoJo: I Don't Respect Feingold

RoJo has likened himself to Donald Trump, so it only makes sense that RoJo would emulate Trump by disrespecting anyone that doesn't agree with him, just like Trump.

In a recent interview with the editorial board of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, RoJo channeled his inner Trump and attacked Russ Feingold on a personal level:
As they reach the closing stages of their second race in six years, Republican U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson offered a blunt assessment of his rival, Democrat Russ Feingold,

"I don't respect phoniness," Johnson said Friday during a meeting with reporters and editors at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Johnson made reference to a recent article in which Feingold said the past six years have given him a chance "to feel like a guy from Wisconsin who is leading a life that is similar to other people."

"Is that really a guy who has traveled around the state and really been part of Wisconsin?" Johnson asked. "No, that's a comment from a Washington elitist, someone who went to Harvard and Oxford, who has bamboozled folks here in Wisconsin that he's this independent, little maverick guy that has their best interests at heart."

Johnson's comments on Feingold were politically unusual but reflect a heated rivalry and a vigorous campaign.

In 2010, Johnson ousted Feingold, a three-term senator. But in this race — one of the more important contests in the country — Johnson has consistently trailed in the polls.

"I'll be frank with you, I'm not particularly happy with all the false attacks, the unbelievable negativity of his campaign against me," Johnson said.

Johnson was sharply critical of Feingold setting up Progressives United PAC after leaving the Senate. Johnson said Feingold spent the bulk of money raised "on himself, his shadow campaign, a money-making machine, a donor list. Are you shocked? He sold that donor list to his campaign. I call that corruption. I call that hypocrisy. I call that totally phony."
There he goes whining about the negative tone of the race, even as he is attacking Feingold on a personal level. Well, we just covered who is the real poo-flinger in this race so there is no need to rehash that.

But yet again, RoJo outdoes himself with his charges of phoniness. Not only is this do-nothing running a campaign on a totally fictitious record of accomplishments, he is also a major scam artist.

As he cries phoniness and corruption, let's not forget that he is the one that reimbursed himself $10 million from his business to cover his campaign expenses. And it wasn't even really his business, it was his father-in-law's company.

I hope whoever gets RoJo's office after he is ousted by Feingold knows someone who can clean the stench out and maybe get an exorcism done for good measure. That much evil has probably soaked into the entire place.

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  1. RoJo's similarity to Trump goes way back. 6 years ago I noted this from TPM where he states that he does not need "details" he's just applying for the job and his personality is enough. Sound familiar?