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Kooky Kooyenga

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By Jeff Simpson

Dale Kooyenga, the Assembly rep, who was drunk on the Assembly floor during the budget debate, has a problem with arrogance.   The Assembly Rep from the 14th District, which covers Brookfield, Wauwatosa,Elm Grove and West Allis came up with a plan to take over the Milwaukee Public Schools and turn two schools a year into privately held charters.  It amazes me what the WISGOP will do, to be on the good side of Scott Jensen.

Kooyenga, who no one has ever accused of being a policy wonk, found out that the way he wrote the law, and thanks to some great work from the Milwaukee Public schools, no school in Wisconsin was eligible to be taken over.   A quick profit off the MPS inner city schools will have to wait for another day.

What does the person, who has helped oversee a drop in every economic measurement available and record debt have to say about improvement in the Milwaukee Schools(of which he does not represent)?

While MPS appears to be dodging the OSPP this year, it's not clear that it will go unscathed when Republican lawmakers — angered by its unwillingness to bend to the statute — return to Madison in January. Rep. Dale Kooyenga (R-Brookfield), who authored the proposal with Sen. Alberta Darling (R-River Hills), said the Opportunity Schools plan was the right kind of pressure to put on the district, and that it could still be triggered if MPS slides backward in future years.
"I would think that's an incredible incentive for the district to improve its results, knowing that the consequence (for not improving) could be new governance," he said.
Kooyenga also said he would like to further embolden Driver to make changes in the district, with or without approval of the Milwaukee School Board.
"Rest assured, there will be more reforms," he said.
Why take credit for the success and promise to punish them even more, democratically elected school board be dammed.   Mr. Small Government Conservative will be back with more mandates for the Milwaukee Public Schools to follow.

But Wait there is more:

When Bernie won the state overwhelmingly this year in the primary, Dale K, was very confused.  So he did what most people do when they are confused, he wrote a column for a jibberish website that was loaded with jibberish. 

Dale, who played college basketball at Lakeland College in Sheboygan, was too busy to take an economics class but is not scared to show us he actually did skip economics.

#1 Dale Kooyenga (DK): Free College Tuition:   If Wisconsin liberals believe college should be affordable, then why do campus faculties largely oppose Wisconsin tuition freezes? Why are the Democrats in the State Senate and Assembly opposed to the tuition freeze contained in the last two state budgets? 

#1 Real World (RW):   Freezing tuition is fine, if it is accompanied with money to the University System to offset that.  As we know, costs rise every year, and while the WISGOP, have frozen tuition, they have also cut hundreds of millions of dollars of state aid from the University System,   A 5th grade average mathematician can figure out that when you drain the two main funding sources serious damage will occur.

The reality is the Dems oppose the tuition freeze because it coupled with other bad policy and costing major problems with the quality of our world class education.   Luckily the Democrats in Madison are advanced economically beyond fifth grade.

#2 DK:   Affordable Housing:    If Democrats have a monopoly on affordable housing, why is housing generally more expensive where liberal policies are strongest? Because over-regulation creates additional cost. Compare California and New York to Texas or Tennessee.

#2 RW:  Sometimes it boggles my mind the complete ignorance of right wing talking points.  Why is housing generally more expensive where liberal policies are strongest.   Umm Dale it is called this old little known (in Republican circles) called Supply and Demand.  

Why is housing more expensive in liberal bastians?  Because more people want to live there?  why do more people want to live there?  Because it usually means, more services, better schools, more local arts, lower unemployment, better jobs, better restaurants, etc...  

The fact we have to explain that to a sitting Assemblyman leaves me almost speechless.   

#3 DK: #BlackLivesMatter:  With very little fanfare or recognition, Wisconsin Republicans passed legislation that addresses a concern of the Black Lives Matter movement. Although most Republicans believe the vast majority of police officers act professionally and ethically, 2013 Wisconsin Act 348 mandates that officer-involved shootings include at least two investigators from outside the police department and require district attorneys to release the detailed reports of the officer-involved shooting to the public.

#3 RW:  Not sure what this has to do with #blacklivesmatter, but the reason that this legislation passed with very little fanfare or recognition is because Chris Taylor, one of the most Progressive members of the Wisconsin Legislature, wrote the bill.

No member of the Republican caucus is going to admit that the best legislation they passed in 6 years was written by a Progressive Democrat.  

#4 DK:  Consider Bernie's recent quote "You don’t necessarily need a choice of 23 underarm spray deodorants.” Imagine the response if you told all Millennials that the world of Bernie Sanders would include only one type of deodorant. The Bernie Sanders Millennials are unable to connect the fact that Socialism is government control of production. Bernie’s rationale could extend to beer, cars, etc...

#4 RW:   While Bernie has never ever been a true socialist and has always pointed out he is a Democratic Socialist, which means in no possible way does he want Government producing, deodorant, beer, shoes, etc...  Its unbelievable that Mr. Kooyenga would be so dishonest or misinformed.  The actual quote is:

You can't just continue growth for the sake of growth in a world in which we are struggling with climate change and all kinds of environmental problems. All right? You don't necessarily need a choice of 23 underarm spray deodorants or of 18 different pairs of sneakers when children are hungry in this country. I don't think the media appreciates the kind of stress that ordinary Americans are working on.

Bernie clearly is pointing out that we need to wake up to see that a nation that has so much wealth should not have so much want and suffering.    It has nothing whatsoever to do with Bernie wanting to be President to make Brut by Faberge the only available after shave. 

#5 DK:  Presses the issue and is even more ignorant a second time.    Take comfort in this: most Bernie Sanders Millennials didn't know what they were voting for. Test Millennials yourself. Ask them, “What Wisconsin businesses would you like the government to own?”  They may be confused because they have been taught that Socialism is good, but not what Socialism is. A credible conversation points out that Socialism replaces individual liberty and choice with government decision- making. Historically, Socialism has failed and is currently causing humanitarian crises in places like Venezuela, Brazil, and Greece. 

#5 RW:   So Dale Kooyenga is certain that Bernie won the state handily because the people who voted for him are idiots.   Then shows us he has no idea whatsoever what Bernie stands for or what socialism is.  Bernie is a Democratic Socialist, where he understands that everyone in America deserves the same chance at success instead of the system we have now where the 1% have written advantage after advantage into our laws to make sure that they continue to have every advantage.  

By the way Big Dale, Brazil and Greece are both capitalistic economy and Greece was surviving until the banks took over and initiated an austerity program which crashed the economy.   

Sorry Dale, the people who supported Bernie Sanders, the ones who felt that "Berning sensation" knew exactly what they were voting for: an end to corporate control of our elections and politicians, an end to the practice where a CEO can pay himself $10,000,000 on a whim while your neighbor can work 50 hours a week and not have the money to fix his 8 year old car,  the end to the system where a black man can go to prison for months for being caught with a small amount of marijuana while a wall st Banker can fraud their clients and crash the economy and take a golden parachute with 7 zeros and vacation in the Caymans.   

Yes Dale they knew exactly what they were voting for that you can be certain! 

That all being said, we can no longer afford as a state to send such ignorance to Madison.   It is time to bring back common sense, civility and soberness to the Capitol in Madison and send Chris Rockwood to represent the 14th Assembly district,   

If you have a few minutes, please visit his website, and like his Facebook page, send him a few dollars and spend a couple hours knocking doors for him!   \

Your fellow Wisconsinites will thank you!    

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