Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Paul Ryan - Where Are You?

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By Jeff Simpson

Ryan Solen is the Democratic candidate for the 1st Congressional District in Wisconsin.  He is challenging some guy you may have heard of  - Paul Ryan (R-Wall St.).    However, Mr. Ryan who is currently the Speaker of the House(the third most powerful position in America), is ducking the debate.  

While its an overplayed cliche, there is some ring of truth to it in terms of if you can't stand up to your political opponent in a moderated debate, how can you possible stand up to ISIS.  

Ryan Solen has done all the leg work for a debate to happen from setting the time, securing the venue, etc.... now all he needs is Paul Ryan to actually respect the people of the 1st Congressional district and show up!  

The following invite was delivered to Mr. Ryan's office recently:

                                                                                                                          October 18, 2016

Dear Mr. Speaker,

My name is Ryan Solen and I am your Democratic opponent. I have been attempting to contact you since we each won our primaries in August as I would like to engage with you in that great American campaign tradition: a debate. I have decided to make it easy for you and have set one up. All you need to do is attend.

I have booked Blackhawk Technical College, located in your hometown of Janesville at 6004 South County Road G, for October 29 from 2PM to 4PM. The room holds up to 250 people and will be open to the public. Mike Daly, host of the Daly Show on WBEL “The Big AM” 1380 is set to moderate and the station will broadcast the debate live. Additional media will be invited and may broadcast or record the event. I will be happy to meet with you or your representative ahead of time to discuss the debate format.

Please RSVP by October 28 at 5PM, the day before the debate. I know you are very busy and I want to give you plenty of time to get your schedule set to include this debate. You can contact my Chief of Staff, Lauren Young, to RSVP by phone at 404-788-8096 or by email at

Looking forward to a great debate with you!


Ryan Solen

Let's hope that Mr. Ryan has the respect for our democratic process to show up and debate.

In the meantime, Mr. Solen can use some help.   Send him a few bucks or a couple hours of your time.   You can reach him via his facebook page or his website!   Watch his Wisconsin Eye interview here.

My name is Ryan Solen. I am a husband, father of four children as well as an Iraq war veteran, and former Army officer. I am well versed in how to get tasks accomplished, regardless of who I may be working with. At one point in my life, I swore an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States. That oath has not changed, nor has it expired. I am more concerned with what is right than what will get me re-elected. I made a commitment that I would not accept funds from corporations, organizations, or PACs. Votes are not to be bought. They should be earned. I believe our leadership and our representatives should be held to a higher standard.Some of the things that I believe will help us the most:
• Balance the budget and pay-off the national debt to put the ~$260 Billion in interest payments to better use.
• Universal health care to ensure a healthy and productive population.
• Investment in our crumbling infrastructure.
• Reform university tuition and student loan regulations.
• Revise and simplify the tax code.
• Protect Social Security; raise the taxable income cap on it, and prevent any privatization of the system.
• Strict term limits on the Senate and the House of Representatives.

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