Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Luther Olsen: My Beliefs Are None of Your Business!

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By Jeff Simpson 

Luther Olsen did something recently that many Republicans have refused to do - debate their opponent!   Mr. Olsen also showed why many Republicans are avoiding debates - they get exposed.

The candidates were asked a "gotcha" question of  "Do you support the Presidential candidate of your party"?  While Democratic challenger Brian Smith easily answered yes.  Then Luther Olsen, danced around the subject like he was trying to burn calories from judging a pie eating contest.

But Olsen dodged the question, essentially saying it wasn't anyone's business if he's going to vote for Trump, Clinton or someone else.
"They call it a secret ballot for a reason and really it's not my intention to tell you who I'm going to vote for honestly, because I'm running for the 14th Senate District and I think my body of work is what you need to look at and - whenever I'm asked - what I stand for," said Sen. Olsen. "What I say to people is - if we are a country of 300 million people, and if these are the best two we can come up with, I don't know what's going on here. Honestly I don't like either of them."
When asked point-blank by a second person if he supported Trump, Sen. Olsen said: "Have I endorsed him? No."
In a statement to 27 News, Smith accused Sen. Olsen of consistently lacking when it comes to transparency.
"Sen. Olsen's refusal to answer a simple question from a local constituent is just the latest example of him hiding from voters. After all of Donald Trump's attacks on women, veterans and people with disabilities, it's no surprise that career politicians like Sen. Olsen want to keep their support secret," wrote Smith.

By the way, remember when Senator Dale Ellis was the victim of an attack by the O'Keefe crew Project Veritas, and was actually forced to resign because he said this:

As O’Keefe points out in the video, candidates under state law are not allowed to coordinate the actions of a campaign with an independent group. But Ellis “appears to intend to create a PAC and not disclose his involvement” in order to attack state Rep. Penny Bernard Schaber, D-Appleton, his 19th Senate District opponent.
“I have a $400,000 committee, and Judi Rhodes will, I’m raising the money, and she will manufacture the crap,” Ellis says in the video sting. Rhodes is apparently Judith Rhodes Engels, who has handled fundraising for the Committee to Elect Republican Senators and founder of political consulting company Cross Rhodes Strategies, based in Cottage Grove.
“She’s (Rhodes Engels) good at what she does, so I told her, ‘Judi, if I raise $500,000 then you attack her,’” Ellis says in the video, again apparently referring to Bernard Schaber. “I don’t want to attack her. I want Judi, somebody else to attack.”

Guess who has hired Cross Rhodes Strategies?   Here is a hint, starts with an L ends with Uther Olsen!  

The choice in Senate District 14 is very clear.....Brian Smith will make a great Senator.   Like his Facebook page, check out his website, send him a few dollars and/or go knock some doors or make some calls for him.  

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