Friday, October 7, 2016

Wright Is the Right Choice In The 51st!

By Jeff Simpson

In the upcoming election, there is too much focus on the top of the ticket and not enough on the races that matter.  The ones that continue on, after you vote for Senator Feingold.   

One that is very important is the 51st Assembly District.   The 51st is currently being represented by Todd Novak (R-Scott Jensen).   Todd Novak was recently named a "school choice champion" by American Federation for Children and Scott Jensen.  This is interesting because there are no voucher schools within his own district, so he is a champion of giving public education money to his bosses.   

One thing that he is not, is a champion for public schools in his district,   One thing we need to point out also is Mr. Novak is also Mayor of Dodgeville(so he double dips).  

Can you name one of the school districts most harmed by the education policies of the Walker administration and the Republicans. 

If you guessed Dodgeville you would be correct.   

District Administrator Jeffrey Jacobson said 28 teachers left the district, which comprises two elementary schools, a middle school and a high school, this summer. He said the district has hired 28 new teachers to replace them.
"In a small town, that's a lot, that's a lot of turnover," Jacobson said. "I don't want to pretend the number that we have this year doesn't draw special attention."
One parent said learning that so many teachers left the district worries her.
"It's really concerning, I didn't know we had 28 that had left," said Tahera Stern. "To hear that many is pretty scary."

The Assembly Rep and Mayor of Dodgeville is being praised by AFC while his own district crumbles under his own nose.   All of the favors that the local police have done for Mr. Novak when he gets on the whiskey, you would think he would want to help the city out in return.  Maybe the good folks of Dodgeville, should have taken heed when Mr. Novak was peeing all over the side of a building downtown as a sign of things to come.  

Luckily the members of the 51st have an alternative in Jeffrey Wright.   Not the outstanding character actor, but the Assistant Superintendent of the Sauk Prairie School District.   

Wisconsin has been home to my family since before its statehood. I grew up in the central part of the state, and after serving as a high school principal on Chicago’s south side, my wife and I decided to put down roots and raise a family back home in Wisconsin. Now living outside of Plain, I am the assistant superintendent for the Sauk Prairie Schools, one of the 15 school districts in the 51st Assembly District.
I value the identity of our region and see a strong path forward through smart investments in our rich traditions. I am active with economic development work, serve as the president of a local rails-to-trails effort, and participate in other civic and community groups. Let’s work together to advocate for local control of strong public schools and responsive municipalities. Let’s champion the need for wise investment in infrastructure and broadband, and find ways to attract and retain the next generation to build their lives in our dynamic rural communities.
It is imperative that we send as many champions of public education champions as possible to the legislature and this race that choice is clear cut!  

Go to Jeffrey Wrights website and Facebook page.   Send him a few bucks call your friends in his district and knock some doors for him.

Our kids will thank you!

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