Sunday, October 9, 2016

What Was Your Trump Moment?

By Jeff Simpson

Today was the scheduled GOP Love Fest at the Walworth County Fairgrounds.  The event was billed as all of the superstars on the Republican party would be in attendance with The Donald headlining.

The price for the peons to attend was anywhere from $30 to $1000, but like everything the WISGOP does, it never quite adds up to the billing. Thanks to a leaked tape from Access Hollywood, where he was on a bus with Billy Bush(the Spicoli of the Bush family), where the GOP nominee for President of the United States was downing tic tacs because they saw a sexy woman and he might be compelled to start kissing her and "grab her by the pussy",  The Donald was not allowed to attend.

After a few hours of national outrage, Paul Ryan and his fellow Republicans also decided to be outraged and uninvited The Donald and instead invited VP nominee Mike Pence.   Finally. after a few hours someone in the GOP brain trust, realized that inviting Pence instead was not really distancing themselves from The Donald, so at the last minute uninvited Mr. Pence.  

To the ticketholders, no refunds and no exchanges and many were not happy.  

Attendees said a much larger crowd turned out earlier in the morning hoping to see Trump or Pence, only to learn after arriving that neither would appear. Many of them left.
Jean Stanley, 50, an online educator from New Berlin wearing a pink T-shirt saying “Wisconsin Women Love Trump,” said she was upset at Ryan for not welcoming Trump.
“To me, I feel like he’s kind of a traitor,” Stanley said of Ryan, dismissing Trump’s comments as something he said in private when he was a Hollywood celebrity.
Sure Jean Stanley will be the subject of numerous case studies in the coming years but for now she is typical of the Dr. Frankenstein the Republicans have created.  

The Trump tapes were the final straw for Paul Ryan, Scott Walker, Ron Johnson et al...

They were deplorable, I agree and so does most of America...However that means that the WI trio had absolutely no problem with:

In fact, we now have a list of all the things the Republican Party will tolerate solely for the sake of the White House and a continued congressional majority. It’s a long list.
The Republican Party will tolerate racist condemnation of Mexican immigrants and Latino Americans at large. It will tolerate the same racist condemnation of Muslims, even as both attacks feed an atmosphere of paranoia, distrust, and violence.
It will tolerate a policy platform that treats these groups—and Syrian refugees to the United States—as a dangerous fifth column. In Trump’s vision of America, Latino immigrants, when they aren’t “stealing jobs,” are the vector for crime and disorder, plunging towns and cities into lawlessness. It’s why Trump wants to root them out with a new “deportation force,” home by home, person by person. And it’s why he wants a wall on the Mexican border—a concrete prophylactic to keep those dark-skinned migrants from reaching our borders.
It will tolerate the same racist policies for Muslim Americans. In Trump’s world, Muslims are a “Trojan horse,” a foreign intrusion that threatens American security. It’s why he wants to ban their entry to the country, why he wants new surveillance of Muslim communities, why he wants to reject refugees, and why he’s accused Muslim Americans of condoning terrorist violence. “They know what’s going on,” Trump saidafter a shooter killed 49 people at a nightclub in Orlando. “They know that he was bad. They knew the people in San Bernardino were bad. But you know what? They didn’t turn them in. And you know what? We had death, and destruction.”
The Republican Party and its leaders—Reince Priebus, Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, and hundreds of federal and state office-holders—will tolerate attacks on veterans and prisoners of war. It will tolerate blatant racism toward a federal judge and a Gold Star family, whose son died fighting for this country. It will tolerate Trump’s call for war crimes (“take their oil”), his zeal for torture, and his support for renewed nuclear proliferation.
It will tolerate his rhetoric toward black Americans, treating them as helpless brutes leading disordered, degenerate lives. It will even tolerate his drive to make the Republican Party a more comfortable home for white nationalists, a vehicle for ethno-nationalism and herrenvolk democracy. Ryan, praised for his principle and integrity, said nothing when Trump hired Steve Bannon to coordinate his campaign, despite Bannon’s ties to white nationalists through his website, Breitbart. He said nothing when Trump promised to deport American citizens whose parents came to the country illegally, a violation of the 14th Amendment. And even when Ryan condemned Trump—as in the case of Trump’s attacks on Judge Gonzalo Curiel and the Khan family—he still backed him for president of the United States.
For more than a year, Trump has preached state repression of nonwhites. And for more than a year, Republican leaders have tip-toed around him, even praised him. They’ve defended him, rallied behind him, and touted him as the right man to lead the country. “Donald Trump is committed to cut taxes, curb spending, and get our national debt under control,” said Florida Sen. Marco Rubio in his video endorsement of Trump at the Republican National Convention in July. “Unlike Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump takes seriously the threats from Islamic radicals and is committed to rebuilding our military.” Rubio joined the recent chorus against Trump, even as he continues to back the real estate mogul’s bid for the White

We now know what Paul Ryan's breaking point is.

For me personally, my Trump moment, where I  I knew that the Donald had no intention. interest, or qualifications to actually be President.

What was your Trump moment?

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  1. my trump moment was when he said he was running for a public office.

    the only place he deserves to be is on a reality show that he pays for.