Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Mike Toman, alderthug in Oak Creek has been charged with aggravated assault for a beating up a 64 year old man:

Toman told police that he, Zalewski and Jenson grabbed Pietruszynski and took him to the door. Pietruszynski backpedaled four or five steps when he was pushed through the door, Toman told police.

Surveillance video of the incident shows Pietruszynski come through the door, followed by Toman, who pushes Pietruszynski, the complaint says. The video shows Zalewski come out next, followed by Jenson, according to the complaint.

Pietruszynski suffered bleeding in his brain and was in a coma Monday at Froedtert Hospital in Wauwatosa, the complaint says. A hospital spokesman said Tuesday that Pietruszynski's family had asked the hospital not to provide updates on his condition.

Not only is Toman going around beating up old men, but then he tries to throw his buddies under the bus:

Toman told police that he and the other two men proceeded to escort the victim out as a group, and that he took the victim's right arm and another man took his left arm. They pushed him through the doorway, and he back-pedaled four to five steps, Toman said.

However, video surveillance shows Toman exiting the building alone directly behind the victim and shoving him. The other two men went outside about two and three seconds later.

When asked if he had shoved the man, Toman told police he believed he had.
Nice guy. Surprisingly, some of the people that originally came up with the term "alderthug" for former Alderman Michael McGee, has been strangely silent about this one.


  1. Yeah, Mike Toman's a real class act. After all, it takes a real man to shove a 64 year old man to the ground from behind.

  2. Linking to BadgerBlogger.com and saying we're "strangely silent" about Toman's apparent crime...what's your angle capper? Implying we're racists? Implying there's a conspiracy to surround Toman in a veil of secrecy and silence as if he means something to us?

    Get a life, dude...in reality, none of us are from nor currently live in Oak Creek. Speaking for myself, I didn't even know who Toman was before this story broke and I would bet none of the other BadgerBloggers knew much, if anything, about Toman either.

    Based on the video, it looks like Toman acted like a jerk and a thug...feel free to quote me on that.

    So your criticism of us amounts to nothing more than cheap, partisan bloggery...but I guess you gotta' stick with your strengths, eh?

  3. You are so right, Roland. Capper is trying to paint you guys over at BB as racist by this post. It's not the first time and it won't be the last.

    One thing I don't agree with you about is that the alderman acted like a "jerk and a thug". I don't think he did. The man who is in a coma is the one who acted like a jerk and a thug, and that is the reason why he was being escorted out of the bar by not only the alderman but two other men who felt he was out-of-line. It appears as if the man was so drunk he had trouble standing and that is probably the reason why he fell, because the alderman hardly pushed him. I don't believe the alderman intended to hurt the man. It's unfair for anyone to suggest anything different after viewing the video. The alderman did not appear to be acting aggressively, in my opinion, and it's a shame he was even arrested.

    Aside from that it's absolutely ridiculous to even compare this very unfortunate situation where the alderman from Oak Creek was trying to protect the patrons of the bar from this abusive/drunk man to McGee who purposely set out to shake people down and then threatened those people's livelihoods if they did not comply.

  4. u are a complete moron. you dont know jack squat and u write this bias liberal bullshit.