Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A Question For The MJS Editorial Board

The Editorial Board for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has a piece up about the recent developments at the BMCW.

For the most part, I agree with their position, although I would have demanded more sweeping and meaningful changes in the child welfare system.

But one line in their editorial bothers me (emphasis mine):
La Causa's lapses motivated state officials to institute changes, including having a nurse evaluate every child age 3 and under in foster care during home visits and changing the way evaluations are conducted. To prevent such tragedies, the state also will conduct more thorough reviews of La Causa and other agencies that place children. These are good ideas, but why couldn't they have been implemented years ago?
While I full-heartedly agree with their question, my question to them would be:

Considering that tragedies like the one that befell Christopher and his sister have been going on for such a long time (I've been writing about it for a year and half, and that is no where near the beginning of the problems), why weren't you raising the red flag and questioning the Bureau years ago?

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