Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Sorry, Folks

After working all day, I cleared out not one, but two driveways of cement-like snow, came home and did seven loads of wash. I just don't have it in me to give you one of my usual insightful treatises on local events. (And I do have one or two things to put up over at one of the other places.)

I hope no one is too disappointed, unless they were looking to score some cheap, hypocritical points.

On the bright side, all the members of team capper made it to work and back home safely. I learned the heating company went through the snow storm to the northern castle and got the royal furnace working. I am having troubles finding a plumber though. The one that the heating company recommended is not impressing me too much. It seems he doesn't want the job, and I'd rather have someone that gives a darn about their work. I have a couple of leads to try in the morning.

Tomorrow may be light on blogging as well. Need to get some victuals and some things for the castle, like a new shower head and one of those freeze alarm thingies, if I can find one.

We'll see what we can do.

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  1. Fred is gonna be even angrier at you now. ;-)