Saturday, December 20, 2008

More Talking Points For The Walker Campaign

As Scott Walker gears up to go a-begging for money to support his perpetual gubernatorial campaign, I've been trying to help him out by giving him talking points.

The other day, he gave me several when he spent a half-hour giving an infomercial on Charlie Sykes' propaganda show. One included the fact that he and Chuckles were mocking the idea of putting bike racks on the county buses. Sykes thought no one would use them and Walker thought county taxpayers would pay for it. What a brain trust these two are! Of course they are wrong as usual. Sykes ignores the fact that many cities, some in even worse climes than ours are using them and have seen an increase in ridership because of them. Walker ignores the fact that the racks are being paid for with a federal grant and with private donations from the Bicycle Federation of WI. But neither of these two ever let reality get in their way much.

Walker was also tsk-tsking Doyle for the deficit that the state is facing. Um, Scott, did you forget that the only year that the County hasn't had a deficit requiring emergency action was the year you took yourself out of the budget process? Not to mention that you ran up a deficit this year again, even though you have willfully failed to fill 717 positions that are fully funded. Where is that money? Also, I haven't heard the state being sued or receiving bad press for failure to provide services, like the County has done regarding mental health services, the jail, the public assistance call center and the HOC. In other words, Walker gives us all the deficit without any of the services. Lovely.

Oh, and part of the State's deficit came when State Senator Lena Taylor had millions of dollars poured into the County's transit system. Amazing how one can complain about a problem that he contributes to.

And speaking of unfilled positions and the call center, there was this article in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel the other day, in which Walker reluctantly agreed to "beef up the call center."
Not hire the necessary workers, mind you, just transfer them in and short other services. But he still is adamant about not providing enough services, just enough money to the private agencies. I still think his campaign slogan will be "Screw The Poor!", seeing on how he is still trying to convince people that less is more.

For other campaign talking points, I would refer the gentle reader to the venerable James Rowen and the erudite Brawler.


  1. Walker was wrong about the bike racks, and disagree with you on the other items. But I love that picture. That picture depicts 99% of politicians.

  2. I disagree. There are many politicians, both sides, who really have the interests of their constituencies at heart.

  3. Walker has been conspicuously quiet about the announcement that one of his privatization schemes seems to be falling apart.
    Zilli's is closing the Coast restaurant to the public.

    One of the best (public) views of the Lake Front is now off limits to the taxpayers of Milwaukee County.
    Make no mistake, Black makes no moves without Walkers approval so who is really writing these contracts???

    Privatize the profits and let the taxpayer foot the bill for all the overhead of an underutilized building.

    Wonder how much money Zilli's friends, family and employees have contributed to Walkers up coming campaign for Gov??

  4. Dan-

    Are you saying you're OK with Walker having the money to cover 717 positions mysteriously disappear, while purposely sabotaging services to the poor, needy, elderly and disabled? That is not leadership, that is weaselship.

  5. OS-

    You are correct that there are good politicians that genuinely care about the public good. Unfortunately, it is the Walkers, the Bushes and the Blogos that ruin it for all of the rest.

  6. Anony,

    I had heard about it, but forgot about it when I got tied up in the foster care stuff.

    Typical of Walker's mantra: Make the poor pay for the benefits to the privileged.

  7. Yes, capper, any time government can lose positions, I am ok with that. But lighten up, I was more impressed with the cartoon.

  8. Cartoon? That's a stock photo of Walker.

    So, Dan, you're OK with spending more tax money, as long as it doesn't go to a government worker? It's no wonder the country's economy is so screwed up, if that is the fiscal sense(lessness) of conservatives.

  9. No, I favor fewer employees and lower spending.

  10. Those two are not in sync. It's one or the other. Public sector employees have been repeatedly found to be much more cost effective.