Wednesday, December 3, 2008

They Should Not Be So Surprised

The DNR came out with the number of deer slaughtered in this year's gun hunting season. It comes complete with a handy little chart (pdf) that breaks it down by county and compares the numbers to last year's slaughter.

The numbers are much lower than last year. The number of bucks killed is 21% lower, and the number of antlerless deer killed was down by 18.5%. As I've stated before, I cognitively understand the need to cull the herd, but it doesn't mean I have to like it. So I find some small satisfaction that not as many Bambis were caught up in the hunters' bloodlust. My wife was even happier than I was.

But not everyone was happy. Lance Burri, the guy at Badger Blogger Alliance, and maybe only one or two other sites, grieves for the lessened bloodshed, as do many other once-a-year Rambos.

I really do not understand why they are surprised or disappointed.

After all, doesn't everyone know that during a recession, bucks are scarcer and harder to come by?


  1. So its wrong to shoot Bambi in the head, but its ok to electrocute Nelly the cow through the ears?

    At least deer hunting is difficult. Deer are fast, and very skittish.

    Would you prefer that people went cow hunting? Not much of a challenge there, but if you like hamburger, I guess its ok then.

  2. My friend, just remember this post if you should ever hit one. I've nailed one with a pick-up I used to have, and 6 with the semi. I'd rather they were on someones table rather than causing damage and downtime to my vehicle. Also, yes there are 'once a year Rambo's', which is why I no longer hunt. It's pretty sad when people no longer respect private property.

  3. Nick and Bill-

    I stated before, in the earlier post that I linked to, that I understood the reason for the hunt. I also pointed out that my wife and I like to feed them and watch them, and that they are kind of like pets. Our feeling is much akin to if there was a dog hunting season. It's painful to know that something you care about is going to go through that kind of terror and possible pain or death.