Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Second Amendment Applies To This How?

To protect your right to watch a movie in peace?
A man enraged by a noisy family sitting near him in a movie theater on Christmas night shot the father of the family in the arm, police said.

James Joseph Cialella, 29, of Philadelphia, told the man's family to be quiet, then threw popcorn at the man's son, police said. The victim told police that Cialella was walking toward his family when he stood up and was shot.

Detectives called to the United Artists Riverview Stadium theater in South Philadelphia found Cialella carrying the weapon, a .380-caliber handgun, in his waistband, police said.

Cialella faces six charges that include attempted murder and aggravated assault. He remained in custody Saturday. Police said bail had been set, but they did not know the amount.

Lt. Frank Vanore called the incident "scary that it gets to that level of violence from being too noisy during a movie."

Now, if only everyone had a gun, then we could have had some real bloodshed!


  1. I am going to defend this guy shooting the guy. But can you understand the shooter's frustration. Have you ever been in a movie with people talking? It's a pain in the butt. Seems that the victim, while did not deserve to be shot, certainly contributed to the situation.

  2. So you are defending the man's deliberate committing of a violent crime. How can you defend that?

    My dad sometimes talks about "how it was before," when people would settle their fights with their fists, not guns. The worst result of that was a broken nose and a black eye. This traumatized the man's family and probably everyone else in the theater. He made a very poor choice, and I hope he's locked up for a long time because of it.

  3. If only the victim had a gun...then they could have had a shootout, old west style!

    As for Dan's comments, I'll just say it's absolutely asinine and idiotic to try and blame the victim of a shooting because his family wasn't quiet enough for another patron at a movie theatre.

  4. Dan,

    There is no level of frustration that justifies shooting someone. Next thing we know, you'll be trying to justify shaking a baby.

  5. Oh my goodness, how many times do I have to say THIS GUY SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN SHOT. READ WHAT I WROTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I was commenting on the irritating people who think talking in a theater is acceptable.
    Sorry about writing like gus/mickey, but my goodness, get some darn reading glasses.

  6. *jumping up and down*
    Oh, oh, oh, OH, PICK ME! Pick me, I WANT A GUN TOO! Oh, oh, oh, pick me, PLEEEEEEEEASE pick me!


    *sticks tongue out*

  7. "The Second Amendment applies to this how?"

    It doesn't...the guy is a criminal...he's been arrested...and he'll likely go to jail. So your point is....?