Friday, December 26, 2008

No Passing Zone

Anyone who has driven in the country during the winter knows that you need to show extra caution. Or so you would think. This guy should be a nominee for the Darwin Awards:
John W. Aman, 67, of Butternut, attempted to pass a snowplow while driving eastbound at about 10:15 a.m. on Highway 70 near the intersection of Highway D in Lac du Flambeau, according to a Wisconsin State Patrol news release. At the same time, a logging truck was driving westbound and struck and ran over the driver’s side of Aman’s truck.

Aman died at Howard Young Medical Center in Woodruff as a result of injuries in the crash, according to the State Patrol.

The logging truck suffered a damaged axle as it swerved and hit a second pickup truck. A car involved in the crash hit logs that spilled into the roadway. A fifth vehicle swerved into a ditch to avoid the other vehicles and logs.

The crash remains under investigation. The logging truck might not have been visible to the driver of the first pickup truck because of snow kicked up by the plow, according to the news release.

1 comment:

  1. I would consider it a major leap backwards in human evolution when you find humor in a tragic accident and the loss of great person's life.

    Try to show some poise and respect for the family of this man for their loss on Christmas Eve.

    It's fine that you want to bring issues to the public, but why not try to do it with respect and class?