Saturday, December 13, 2008

Pipe Dreams

Well, it appears that my luck may not be all bad.

Last weekend, the lovely mrs. capper and I went up to the northern castle only to find the royal furnace crapped out on us and the pipes were frozen.

Since then, the furnace has been fixed and has been running. The pipes are thawed and, per the plumbers, there appears to be no major damage. No broken pipes or obvious cracks or major leaks.

The damage so far has been contained to the shower head and a broken ball valve in the toilet. The ball valve has been fixed, and I have a new shower head ready to be put on.

The bad news is that the ice apparently broke off a lot of the crud and dirt that's been built up in the pipes and not all of them are flowing correctly. We have toilets and both laves running, but the kitchen sink and the bathtub's pipes or clogged.

My better half and I are headed up this morning to see for ourselves what the damages are or aren't. I also have one of those freeze alarm thingies and want to install it before more damage is done. I also got some RV antifreeze so the drains don't freeze, even if the worst happens.

If things are as we have been told, we will stay the night and see if we can get the pipes unclogged. If not, I will be back here griping about it. It will also be nice to see if we can tell if any of our "babies" made it through another kill season.

Wish us luck.

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