Monday, December 29, 2008

Minneapolis, Wisconsin

JSOnline has a fluffy piece about another bureaucratic flub, in which the state's new website for campaign finance information has the Capitol building superimposed on the skyline of Minneapolis.

But it turns out to be much, much more of an outrage. From Dan Cody:
For all the recent negative publicity that MPS has received because they SPENT $20,000 ON IPODS!! you’d think a million dollars for a web site with slightly more functionality than my weblog would raise a few eyebrows. Maybe the media couldn’t think of a catchy enough headline for that story. Who knows.

Secondly, if we’re going to be spending that kind of money on a information portal to serve the people of Wisconsin, why the heck isn’t the contract going to one of the many many qualified companies here in Wisconsin to do the work? Off the top of my head I can name at least five companies here in Milwaukee alone who could do the work faster, better and you better believe it: cheaper.

Instead, we’re paying some obscure company from Connecticut a million dollars to develop a mediocre web site that they’re apparently so dedicated to they don’t even bother to use the right stock images for something as simple as the header graphic. Hardly the kind of behavior that instills confidence in the final product or justifies the mammoth price tag, isn’t it?

Read the rest here. It is the height of being cognitive and dissedent, and explains why he has a gagillion readers, and I have 6.4.

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  1. As 1 of your 6.4 readers, I agree with you and Dan on this one. What's even more amazing that it took a state legislator to figure it out after the web site went on line. Didn't the bureaucrats notice this before they approved the web site before it went on line?
    It also makes me wonder to see if the web company has any ties (donations) to anyone in the state.