Friday, December 19, 2008

Bias In The Local Paper

When I wrote that I felt that the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's editorial board dropped the ball by supporting Darling's false fronting on the death of Christopher L. Thomas, Jr., the board put up a blog post regarding my blog post. In their post, they addressed my beef this way (emphasis mine):
A local blogger at Cognitive Dissidence thinks we didn't go far enough in supporting foster children.
Now, when conservative blogger James Wigderson takes the board to task for being too lenient on Representative Jeff Wood (I-Margaritaville), the board put up a post responding thus (again, emphasis mine):
James Wigderson wonders why we haven't been tougher on Jeff Wood, the Assembly member charged with drunken driving and posession[sic] of marijuana and paraphenalia[sic]. Wigderson notes, correctly, that overall, Wood isn't provoking much outrage around the state.
Now, don't get me wrong, James is a fine writer, even if he is wrong most of the time. I am happy for him and the publicity he got. I hope all the people that followed the link to his site, also clicked on his ads and shopped in his gift store.

That said, I wonder why they gave James not one, but two name drops, and I am just an anonymous "local blogger." Heck, they even gave James his own tag whereas I got nothing.
To rub salt into the wound, the board then writes a stronger worded piece against Wood, but they are still not looking to hold the child welfare system, and ALL of the culprits responsible for the child welfare disaster, accountable for their misdeeds.

And the right wing wants us to believe that the local paper, especially the board, as liberals? I think it is well past the time we can put that little urban myth to rest.


  1. It's probably because James posts under his real name and you use a pseudonym.

  2. I think I have to agree with Anon on this. My guess it was more laziness then bias. If you used your real name for what you post under I really do think they would of used it.

  3. I have to agree with Anon and Dave, Chris. I do attribute it to laziness on their part, however. Perhaps if you put your name on the front page. It would be more prominent than buried in the About Me section.

    Besides, James probably sent a fruitcake. [A real concoction, not one of the nuttier wingnuts.]

  4. Well, Cap, now you're on the same side as Mark Belling!

    I knew you'd come around someday...

  5. Does this *really* bother you that you need to post on it? It's like you are immature kid who needs attention. Time to grow up.