Thursday, December 18, 2008

Why It's Important To Save A Vacation Day Or Two

What a difference a few days make. Over last weekend, I was planning on doing some traveling tomorrow to see clients that are in the hinterlands.

By Monday, I was calling them to say I might not make it. By Tuesday, I was canceling the trips. By Wednesday, I was asking to take Friday off.

The meteorologists, or what passes for meteorologists, on the local news are saying that there could be thunder snow tonight. It's not doing anything at the moment, but something, like my aching, arthritic knees are telling me tomorrow's gonna be a good day to turn over and go back to sleep for a couple extra hours.

Then maybe I'll get around to doing those dang Seasons Greetings cards.

For those of you not so lucky, good luck and drive safe.

ADDENDUM: The one bright side about this round of the snowpocalypse is that it is making my dear old, self-described neocon dad reconsider the talking points about global climate change. Even he admits there is something wrong with the climate.


  1. Listen REAL carefully for a change, and you'll hear your father say "It's COLD!!"

    (That's the opposite of "warm," for your information.)

  2. Dad,

    If you think year after year of record breaking weather and weather pattern changes is normal, then I'm afraid you may have your head stuck in the snow bank.