Monday, December 15, 2008

Orange Alert

Some news from up nort der, eh.

The furnace is still ticking well.

All of the faucets are working, but the pressure is lower than normal due to the sediment and rust that broke free as the pipes thawed. All the sinks and the toilets are working well enough, but the shower needs more help. The hot water works well enough, but the cold water is just a dribble.

The freeze alarm works, but instead of giving me peace of mind, it's seems to be just something else for me to become obsessive/compulsive about. If you call in to it, it will give you the temperature, whether there's been a power outage, and how the battery is doing. I keep wanting to check the temperature, even though the stupid thing would call if there was a problem. I expect the urge to check in will wear off with time.

The local paper reported that there is concern because the deer slaughter was so much lower this year. They blame it being on less deer, due to previous big hunts and due to the harsh winter last year. I don't know though.

Base on the number of deer we saw last night, both on the way to and from the restaurant, and in our own backyard, there still seems to be plenty of the dear deer. Maybe it's just that the hunters are getting worse.