Saturday, December 27, 2008

Will Any Republicans Refuse Their Raise?

Yesterday, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (which is still blocking me, BTW) ran a story about State Representative Bob Ziegelbauer, a Democrat from Manitowoc, who is refusing to accept his raise. Although in all fairness, I must agree with Jim McGuigan, that this is pretty much an empty gesture, considering that Ziegelbauer is already making $74,000 a year as the Manitowoc County Executive. (I wonder how he is allowed to hold both positions. It seems like ti would be a conflict of interst to me.)

Today, WSAW-TV reports that a second Democrat, Jon Erpenbach of Middleton, is also going to turn down his raise.

I have yet to hear one Republican to turn down his or her raise. I would suggest that Alberta Darling be the leader for her party to turn down her raise. After all, even though I am sure that the fees at the golf course are rising, it is not like she did anything to earn what she is making now, much less anything extra.

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