Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Wanted: Level Headed Law Enforcement

That should be the sign hanging by the Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office, because it needs all the help it can get.

JSOnline has a story on an off-duty Sheriff's deputy who allegedly shot and wounded two people, one being a 12 year old girl. If the deputy did indeed do this crime, it would seem logical that to presume he has some issues to say the least.

It would seem that he would also fit perfectly in Sheriff David Clarke's management team.

If the gentle reader would remember, last month Clarke picked up some bad press because he was helping a drunk motorist out of a snowbank. Despite being with the guy for at least a half hour without smelling the alcohol, seeing the glazed eyes or noticing the open beer cans in the guy's car. The drunk driver only got busted because a responsible and competent law enforcement officer, Deputy Sandra Santoro, arrived at the scene. To make matters worse, Clarke tried to cover up his failure by putting Santoro under investigation, just so he could prevent certain reports to be released to the media.

In response to Clarke's unwillingness to show leadership and a sense of responsibility regarding the matter, Milwaukee Alderman Joe Davis, Sr. decided that it was an opportune time to chastise Clarke, who had repeatedly used Davis as a target of his attacks, alleging that Davis has failed to show leadership. Keep in mind that Davis issued his critique in a short and succinct statement, which he released himself.

Clarke, finally done licking his wounds, went on the attack. But Clarke couldn't even do it like an adult. Instead, Clarke writes a poorly-worded series of ad hominem attacks on Davis in an email he asked Charlie Sykes to post. Even odder, in his long disjointed personal attack on Davis, Clarke never once addressed the issue of his own failure of being a leader. The Reasonable Progressive has more on the subject of Clarke's failings and flailings.

Clarke likes to portray himself heroically whenever he does a public appearance. He is often seen riding horseback with a stern look on his face. I just hope, for his sake, he never sits on the horse backwards. If he did, no one would be able to tell them apart.

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