Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Two Fine Candidates

My good friend, ZachWisniewski, is the author of Blogging Blue and my comrade in blogs over at Whallah! where we counter the lies and hypocrisies of the local right wing media. I am pleased to see that he is running for a seat on the South Milwaukee School Board.

Zach has a strong sense of economics and fiscal constraint, which is tempered with his passion for children and having a strong community. You can learn more about Zach at his campaign website.

Another blogger, Janet Evans, the author of the CommunityNow blog In The Race and of Righty Blog, has also announced that she is running for a seat on the Franklin School Board.

Even though Janet is a conservative, I still feel that she is a strong candidate. If you peruse her community-based site, you will see she has been a regular follower of the school board meetings and has a keen interest in Franklin.

Our mutual friend, Greg Kowalski, had the honor and privilege of being the one to make the announcement of Janet's candidacy. He told her story quite eloquently, and it displays why Janet would make a great candidate:

Since Janet’s papers had already been submitted, and she already attends most School Board meetings, she didn’t really have any burning questions for Dave Szychlinski or Dr. Steve Patz, who were running the session. Most of the questions presented were concerns from one attendee regarding time commitment - - how many emails and phone calls does a Board Member receive, how long meetings last, and how long does it take to learn the ropes, so to speak. She quoted Mr. Szychlinski as saying that being a School Board member was “a fun job” and believes he glossed over the responsibilities.

Janet said that after spending the past year attending meetings and following this School Board before and after the last election, if she had been telling the group “What Does It Take To Be A Board Member?” she would have said, "If you run for this position, you had better be committed to representing every student…and every taxpayer. You had better plan on listening and communicating. You had better plan on being committed to the job, and you had better plan on thinking carefully about everything that comes before you. Because in the end, you want the students to achieve and succeed, and it’s the citizens who will pay for it, and it’s you who will be held accountable, especially if you fail. This is a serious job."

I believe that both Zach and Janet, with their knowledge and their compassion, would both make excellent choices for the respective communities, and I give them my most heartfelt endorsements.

I have reason to believe that there will also be at least a third blogger announcing in the near future, but I am not at liberty to speak more of it at this time.

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  1. Capper,

    Even though I'm a conservative, I liberally thank you for acknowledging me.