Saturday, December 27, 2008

Conservatives Are Anti-Anti-Bullying

Last summer, the might Brawler noted that conservatives loves bullies. Everyone from Tom DeLay down to Charlie Sykes.

I saw this blurb from WSAW-TV in Wausau that only confirms the Brawler's observations (emphasis mine):

An anti-bullying proposal that failed twice in the Legislature has newfound support and a better chance at being passed next year.

A special committee of state lawmakers, school district employees, police and others wants to see the law enacted. The group studied school safety for five months this year and recommended that schools either follow state anti-bullying guidelines or come up with their own.

It will be up to the Legislature to decide whether to put the recommendation into law.

School groups have been supportive of requiring anti-bullying plans that would allow Wisconsin to join 36 other states that already have such provisions. But both times that a bill was proposed, in 2006 and 2007, it died in the Republican-controlled Assembly.

Maybe one of my conservative readers could explain just why do you support bullying? Is it that your positions won't gain traction otherwise?


  1. You read Sykes and will ind he is for some reason not a big fan of self-esteem, other than his own.

  2. Ok, I will try.
    How do you define bullying? And then, how do you make it a criminal offense? Don't other laws covering bullying? Bullying can be considered to be words or actions. Do you want criminalize words? If the words are bad enough, doesn't disorderly conduct cover this? How doesn't disorderly conduct handle this?

  3. DC is a catch all type of crime. Even murder could qualify as Disorderly Conduct. I would rather have murder charged as murder, and bullying as bullying.

  4. Lazy cops who can't do their jobs correctly charge people with D/C. (Not all...of course...but many) Bullying is not D/'s much more serious (and btw murder cannot/would not be charged as D/C).

  5. Anony,

    I believe it is the DA or muni prosecutor that makes that final determination. I may be wrong on that though. The cops may arrest someone on DC, but can't an ADA or city prosecutor up that charge?