Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Blogger's Eternal Question


  1. Wow...that was funny Roland. You're just so witty. I'm curious...Mr. Middle Class Union Guy...what happened to your blog? You know...the blog you had before you started blogging at Badger Blogger. What was it's name again?? Clown.

  2. To answer your question, the second post I wrote at my old blog received attention from the Journal Sentinel. After that, I was invited to join Badger Blogger. It was good fit because I don't have the time to pump out daily content...that takes a lot of effort.
    From day one, I've used this name regardless of whether it's at BB, the MJS, here or anywhere. Why do folks like you need to blog around under all these different little ANONymous names? Is it because your credibility is shot? Is it because you don't want to be accountable for the mean things you say, mew?

    "Mew"...heh...with all that hissing, your screen name should be meeeyoww.

  3. Where is your old blog? If it got attention from the JS why take it off the internet? I would like to read it. Do you have a link? Or maybe you could email me some of your writings? I would also like to read the write up the JS gave you. Could you email it to me?

    As far as my's no secret I changed my name on here. I felt since there are so many "anonymous" freaks from Badger Blogger leaving threatening comments on here I'd change my moniker so there is no confusion as to who is who. Sorry you didn't get the memo.

    Unlike you "Roland Melnick" I never claimed to be using my "real name" when I wasn' an effort to obtain more credibility...and then have the audacity to berate other bloggers for using anonymous monikers. So...if you think for one second that I'm worried about what a big fat liar and hypocrite like you thinks about are sadly mistaken.

    How do you...someone who took an oath to live by a code of ethics...rationalize being associated with people like Rawson and some of the other freaks at Badger Blogger? Rawson who threatened someone with a firearm? Rawson who basically said all of you from Badger Blogger are ready and willing to use their firearms? How do you look at yourself in the mirror? Quite's my opinion that you are an embarrassment to your profession. It makes me sick. LEOs are suppose to be able to separate themselves from the dirt bags in this world and live by example. Threatening people online with weapons is criminal and you are suppose to arrest people who do that...but defended his actions. Blah. Yeck. You are so misguided.

    BTW...I don't "blog around" like you who is like a cockroach on the internet...and I know you have indeed used (and still uses) other monikers. Please don't make me prove it...again. The last time you did that it didn't turn out so well for you. Did it?

  4. What other monikers did I use? Roland M? Yes, I confess to using that one before, but that's hardly a mystery wrapped up in an enigma, is it?

    Just curious...are you the guy who shot his TV because Bristol Palin advanced to the next round of Dancing With The Stars? You sound like him.

  5. No...Roland...I don't. I know you like to say I sound crazy...because it makes you feel better. You are deflecting away from my questions/comments. It's easier for you to try to discredit me than actually answer the questions. It's okay. It's your MO. Maybe some day you will "man up"...?

    Have a nice day.

  6. As to Rawson's comments, I told him he shouldn't have lost his cool like that. But, after the blog had received over 30 profanity laced comments and a couple threats, I understand why he did. If you think he committed a crime, report him.

    You think I'm a cop? No thanks. While the job security is appealing, I don't think they get paid enough for what they deal with.

    As to your question about JSOnline recognizing my work, I believe the JSOnline archives its content. Go look for it. I'm not in the habit of doing favors for people who call me a cockroach.

    As to your question about my old blog, I answered that in the 8:32 comment.

    Now, any other personal attacks on me you'd like me to address?

    BTW...what other monikers do you think I've used?

  7. Well...let's see. Rawson said in his infamous blog threat that BB has a computer genius, a active duty cop, a retired cop, and some fool who shaved his head and cut his ear off. (Did I miss anyone)

    So...which one are you?

    You are the one who seems to blog extensively about cop issues...and always seems to have "leaked" (wink wink) MPD information. Hmmm...let me guess...if you aren't the cop (which you are IMO) then you must be the fool who shaved his head and cut his ear off...because I know you can't be the computer "genius".

    Please...Roland...don't insult my intelligence. Mr. Middle Class Union Guy + but my union is not bad like all the rest of the evil unions = cop. Not to mention...your god-like arrogance gives you away.

    So...if I apologize for calling you a cockroach will you email me your writings. I would love to read them.

    "BTW...what other monikers do you think I've used?"

    Roland...understand I don't care one way or another what monikers you why would you care which ones I use? If I wanted to use a different moniker for hundreds of blogs I will. I don't blog by your rules or anyone else's rules. If I want to change my moniker tomorrow on here I will. I think you and your dirt bag buddies at Badger Blogger have proven there are no rules or decorum on these blogs anymore. If death threats are okay, or personal attacks are okay, or reaching beyond the blogs into people's personal and professional lives is okay, or stealing blogger's moniker and impersonating them is okay, etc...surely you can deal with me using more than one moniker. And, if you can't...tough crapola...go tell someone who cares. I can put a complaint in with capper since this is his blog...and see if he cares.

  8. ...But, after the blog had received over 30 profanity laced comments and a couple threats, I understand why he did. If you think he committed a crime, report him.

    I've been receiving insults and threats for over a year, I've had CRG lie about me (oh, he was blogging on Labor Day! For Shame!), and now your latest rumor, but I've never even considered threatening anyone.

    It just shows immaturity and the inability to react like an adult. Do I get frustrated? Sure! But not enough to act like that.

    And then you guys wonder why people are so hostile to you...

  9. Roland, tell us how you feel about anonymity and personal attacks.

    When I was at BadgerBlogger, I was subjected to endless personal attacks by a fellow who sometimes went by Mickey, sometimes by Gus.

    Eventually I received crank calls at my office that seemed to be linked to my comments at your blog. When I asked the police and ATT to become involved to see who was making the calls, one was traced to a Mickey O'Leary.

    Read the summary here.

  10. Its nice to know I am not the only one who gets personal attacks and crank phone calls.

  11. do have a thick doubt. As for the CRG thing...I publicly criticized their campaign against you. While they had the right to file a complaint, they zealously overplayed their hand and it bit them on the ass.

    As for the now infamous Rawson tirade, I don't condone it. He says he clicked "publish" by accident. It was directed at an anonymous blogger who hides behind a patchwork of monikers and spoofed or proxy-server IP addresses. Rawson was venting frustration, pure and simple. I don't foresee any apologies to that anonymous person anytime soon...and frankly, he/she doesn't deserve one.

    As far as my name, I don't claim it to be real. However, it's the only one I use to blog, post comments at JSOnline, etc. Since I do publish posts and have done so for over five years, I do have an investment in the Melnick name. You can think I'm full of shit all you want, but you won't find me switching names and masking my IP. one deserves to receive prank calls, including you. You have told me repeatedly that the police found your caller, so I don't know what else there is to say about it.

    As to on-the-blog activity, I've deleted more mickey/gus comments than anyone, which is all I'm empowered to do. That is something I've told you repeatedly. The fact that I have no desire to do so ad infinitum apparently doesn't meet with your satisfaction and it's lead to an inability to let it go. For some reason, you demand more from me than you do from anyone else, particularly your Liberal brethren who let things slide at times as well. Two wrongs make a right, eh John?

    BTW...awfully coincidental you showed up to join this particular comment thread, eh John?